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  1. Thanks guys.
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  2. OK- so it looks like I definitely have problems.

    I have 100% packet loss on the first line. So the fix is to fool comcast? I am a total idiot when it comes to this there an easy way to go about this?

    Or should I call comcast?
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  3. JackR


    Something strange. What about the lines after your connection to your ISP (that's the first line)?

    Can't spend any more time this AM. Market opens in a minute or so. Probably call Comcast.

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  4. JackR



    In thinking about this - Some routers and firewalls turn off the ping reply feature to hide the system or for other technical reasons. Since you say you have 100% packet loss on your first link I suspect that to be what you are seeing. I'm not a Comcast user so don't know how you are set up with them or how your PC firewall works.

    I use the paid version of PingPlotter and don't remember whether the free version offers a "don't display the first link" option. If it does you could turn it off. The latency should show as 1 millisecond, the lowest reportable value.

    However, the way PingP works is that once it determines the route it pings each router in the chain individually. Since PingP sends the pings to each router sequentially, you'll sometimes see a higher ping time in the middle of your route than the end-to-end ping time.

    If there was truly a 100% packet loss anywhere in the path you would not be able to get beyond that point. So if you do see 100% packet loss and you see a response beyond that point just assume that the ping response feature has been disabled.

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  5. GTS


    Madhatter, what JackR said is right about that first hop.

    Looking at the screenshot of your tracert I don't see anything wrong - 30 to 50ms of latency is normal and there are no large jumps indicating a bottleneck.

    If you have occasional problems then leave pingplotter running continuously (ping every 15-30 seconds) in the background and then you can build up some historical data to figure out where the problem is when you perceive slowness, e.g. figure which hop is causing the latency.
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  6. Thanks again to both of you for taking the time. Much appreciated.
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  7. What does it mean when I run a trace route and it never says it reaches it's destination? It goes about 13 hops or so and then the rest are just time outs. Is that an issue or not?

    If anyone else here is trading on anvil could you post a traceroute to their server?

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  8. GTS


    It could mean that there is a router (or firewall) that is not only ignoring ICMP packets (ping) but its also blocking them. Post the destination here for confirmation.
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  9. I have no idea what you are complaining about.
    I would KILL to have trace-route latency measurements in the mid-30's!

    But then again, I am on the West Coast and some ways away from my quote server and as a result, have to battle a lot of internet "congestion" which is not under anyone's control.
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  10. I'm getting 130 Avg. pinging TS at, obviously it finishes with 100% packet loss which I presume is due the server not confirming the packets for obvious reasons, being the TS data server.
    Could others please confirm what their Avg pings are on the same IP

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