late LEH shorts gonna get wiped out

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by stock777, Sep 11, 2008.

  1. soon
  2. once again, knee jerk shorts obliterated
  3. Why short now? Poor Risk/Reward given how little room left to go down before a takeover or collapse? Party's pretty much over on the short side
  4. I agree, time to stay away from LEH. Any money to be made is not worth the risk IMHO.
  5. JamesJ


    Goldman just ruled out a takeover of Lehman (that's why stock down past few minutes)...


    and if not Goldman, who else can you think of taking over Lehman... they got already enough trouble on their own, no need for another bad balance sheet
  6. bidask


    the biggest problem with lehman right now is that it's brand name and credibility is damaged. how will it win new business at this point? if you're a potential customer, why would you want to be associated with this firm?
  7. JamesJ


    well, it's basically up to GS or MER or BAC or another major player to pull the trigger...
    if they (or only one of them) begins to end their trading with Lehman they are done...

    could happen as soon as tomorrow...
    but they probably give them a last chance over the weekend
  8. Nice call dipshit. Marked the exact top.

    LEH straight down 20% in just over an hour.

    Go back to chit-chat.
  9. Nickvac


    If lehman does get bought out by Gs which I think will happen whats the ramifications for the stock price. How much per share we looking at for a buyout
  10. I think LEH would be lucky to get $2 a share. They are wallstreets smallest firm and they are desperate for a white knight to save them.....but nobody wants to.....
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