Last week,CRAMER said "CAT wont drop to mid 50s".Today CAT 54.20

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by dsq, Oct 29, 2009.

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    not that i watch the jerk but as i was flipping thru the channels last week i heard the jackass saying that CAT is a buy in the high 50s and it wont even go back to mid 50s...Voila,just 3 or 4 trading days later and cat is 54.20 and probably going a lot lower if gdp numbers suck.
  2. I wonder if you can code an indicator to respond to Cramer's sound effects?

    When your program hears that Bull a-roaring, you can automatically pop that short in as fast as those little electrons will flow through the wires.
  3. yesterday he said buy this selloff because buyers will not be able to resist marking up stocks for the end of month. oops
  4. Jesus


    I do not watch mad money, but I have seen it plenty of times before and one thing I do know is Cramer makes hundreds of calls on that show a week. Of course he is going to get one wrong. You could probably find another few dozen that he got wrong last week and you could probably find a few dozen of calls he got right last week.

    Completely useless post.
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    Looks like he was right. Market up 2% today. You were wrong. oops
  6. i thought jesus was smarter than that. cramer said to buy the day before yesterday. yesterday you got creamed. after today you are at best even. oops. we will see how tomorrow goes.
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    Well shit, if you paid me 10M per year to get on TV and make predictions on something I know nothing about and run around and scream and push buttons that make idiotic sounds and act like a pure lunatic, I'd do it.
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    Hilarious, why is it that everyone who talks about Cramer and his picks starts with..."I don't watch the show but..."

    That's like "My friend has a drinking problem but..."
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    Day before yesterday was the 27th of october. spy closed at 106.42. Today (29) spy closed at 106.65. Better than "Even at best." But that doesn't matter. My point is not wether or not cramer is right or wrong. My point is Cramer makes hundreds of calls a week, on his show and other places. Of course he is going to be wrong a lot, and of course he is going to be right a lot. If you flipped a quarter a hundred times you are going to get a lot of heads and a lot of tails. dedicating a thread to one random call of cramers is ludacris. I don't care how much you hate him. I don't like him either, but I'm smart enough to know that he is out there every day making calls on hundreds of stocks, and nobody can get it right 100%. Who cares if cat dipped below what he said? If you are stupid enough to actually trade on that random cramer advice, you deserve to lose money, everyone here knows that.

    Like I said, useless thread.
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    Why would Jesus post so much in a useless thread?
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