Last Wallstreet Bear Capitulates

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  1. Throwing in the towel, hmmm interesting, very interesting
  2. A good sign to short.

    The guy is consistently wrong. He's gold.
  3. He should change his name to Ralph Acampora Jr.

    That guy couldn't predict rain if he was standing in a hurricane.
  4. I do not believe someone can be consistently wrong ! Actually many studies show that it is better to invest in mutual funds which underperformed in the past than vice-versa. Reversion to the mean, I guess. So, eventually that guy will be right. In 2007? Who knows. Prudent bull here.
  5. Wow, the fade signal was on the money to the second. :D
  6. LT701


    ralph icanmakeyoupoora

    a short film about what happens to people who ride with ralph

    'what jimmy didnt know, was that ralph was sick...'


  7. Yep. I believe he's the only one - not on ET, of course :D - to call a top perfectly.

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    in some ways people who work at wall street firms are the worst traders. why? because they aren't allowed to trade so they have no experience trading. they are all restricted from trading actively. everytime they want to buy or short something, they have to get approval, signatures, 30 day hold period, etc.
  9. What makes this morning's action even more ironic is the fact that his own firm faded his call .:)
  10. I don't completely agree with you here. I'm sure a lot of people here have a certain stock that just beats them 4 out of 5 times whenever they try to trade it. That doesn't mean they are consistently wrong about all stocks, but certain stocks they are. Could be true about indices as well.

    I guess it would have to do with the individuals definition of consistent. If he came out at the beginning of each of the last 4 years bearish on the S&P, I would say he is consistently wrong. Even if he is right this year.

    Also, when he flips sentiment from bearish to bullish or vice versa, rather than staying linear, he may never eventually be right.
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