Last US troops leave Iraq as war ends

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  1. McCain is relevant because if he had won in 2008 like you all hoped we would still be in Iraq today,McCains words,not mine
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    I stopped reading right there. Hard to read when your busting out loud laughing.
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  3. Libya was a NATO mission. A President long before Obama made an agreement for The US to support NATO missions

    Obama got rid of Gaddafi with missiles and no grounds troops,it took Bush over 4,000 dead Americans,over 30,000 wounded Americans,over 100,000 dead civilian Iraqis and 4 trillion dollars to get Saddam

    How Did I know Obama would not have invaded Iraq ? Have you forgotten that he was against the iraq war before the war started and thats one of the main reasons he beat Hilary :confused:
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  4. Even funnier that you voted for the guy to be President LOL !!!

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  5. We aren't going anywhere near Iran. They're about as much of a threat as Grenada. The people of this country won't support another made up war, anywhere. We know the real threat is in the corporate boardrooms and the halls of congress.
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    Don't forget the White House.
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    I wouldn't have IF the democraps had run someone worth voting for.
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