Last summer's immigration bill would have been a disaster

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    can you immigine 400,000 more guest workers dumped on the market every year in our current situation?


    I dont necessarely agree with their accessment of the candidates (I think they're too easy on some), but without numbersusa, immigration bill would have passed. no doubt about it

    never forget what mccain tried to do to us
  2. You are so right.

    McCain makes me sick. He goes around lying through his teeth about his immigration bill and what his position was and is. To listen to him (and Huckabee and Guiliani) you'd think they had the same position as Tom Tancredo.

    McCain and his protege Lindsey Graham spent all last year slandering the people who opposed their open borders/amnesty approach as racists,etc. Now they want us to vote for them?

    Let's not forget mcCain and his gang of 14 abandoning their party and president over judicial nominations and letting the democrats use filibusters to block conservative nominees.

    He is a prick who will sell out anyone to get himself a few minutes face time on TV. Conservatives would rather see Hillary elected than him.
  3. ditto

    i can't wait to see which CFR puppet they nominate for the republicans.. its getting very interesting.
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    i would not vote for him against hillary

    i'd stay home
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    I like how Terry on the terry anderson radio show always refers to 'prissy' lindsy graham
  6. I am very disappointed on how McCain's amnesty stance isnt following him around like the scarlet letter that it should be. Media just wants to stroke him for how said we needed more troops in the Middle East. I've heard virtually nothing on how he was booed in Michigan when he started running his mouth off about how we need immigration reform (amnesty).
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    that's why people hate and distrust the mainstream media
  8. Unfortunately Fox News is part of the problem now as well. Most of their commentators are neo-cons who are open borders advocates. They feel free to insult Ron Paul during a debate when they are supposed to be impartial moderators. They have lost a ton of credibility with me.
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    It's likely that 400,000 of them wont come this year, and many will go back home due to the economy. Whenever America, or any other countries, economy expands it has a line of people ready to come in by whatever means they can. When things slow down many of them go home. Go to a pawn shop in a market that has had a lot of real estate speculation and talk to the owner. Many of them are not even accepting tools anymore due to all the hispanics selling their tools to head back home.
  10. I won't vote for McCain under any circumstances and feel many conservatives won't show up to vote republican or vote for a write-in candidate to protest. Conservatives should send a message to the republican party they won't vote for any liberal "republican" candidates. I think losing the votes of the far right will be very difficult to overcome although I realize some people on the left may refuse to vote for Hillary.

    Here is a reminder of McCain's mindset on illegal immigration (his strong vocal support for the breaking of US laws):
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