Last Septermber 11th, What Could You Have Done?

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  1. First of all, let me say that no American will ever "get over it." We will come to terms with what happened and the new reality we face, but getting over it is something that will never happen. We are all changed because of September 11'th.

    How is my assertation of the events from 9/11 irrational? Of course it was the most momentous event -- TO ME. I prefaced that by saying in MY opinion. Am I not allowed to have an opinion for myself?

    Where were you during 9/11? I'll tell you where I was -- I was in Annapolis, MD. I had relatives and friends working in DC that day. So, when you hear about a plane that crashed into the Pentagon and another that was "reportedly" headed to the capital building, the only thing your mind can do is go into a heightened state of alert. At that point, my reality was distant and I really couldn't absorb the events. Then there were the Anthrax contaminations -- especially at the Brentwood facility. All of this hits very close to home.

    So, when I speak of 9/11 and what happened, I obviously hold a lot of emotion over that date because it was in my backyard and they were attacking my country.

    You really need to grow up and stop telling other people to get a clue when you are the one who desperately needs to "broaden your view" of other people's thoughts and feelings.

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  2. I hear that Tech Analysis. I was reluctant to respond to that jive but since I am new around here I felt I had to lay the cut straight one time.

    I am dead serious about this madness gripping the world because I have 2 little boys and they are not going to be railroaded into anyone's army to guard the oil that wasteful yuppie kooks pump through their SUVs or play any other sick games geared to keep the ruling elite in golden plumbing fixtures.

    What we could have done about 911 was to act way before last year as in join the resistance, refuse to acknowledge, and always denounce, the leadership of madmen, refuse to pay taxes, live a minimalist, non-consumer, non-urban lifestyle, and just try to spread as much word and peace and brotherhood as possible. Yes, it seems futile and it is a tough, miserable fight. For example, right now on this board people will rip me for this post. I'm open to suggestions?

    As far as trading goes? Short the piss out of it. Why not? CIA brass did it:

    Sept. 6-7, 2001 - Put options (a speculation that the stock will go down) totaling 4,744 are purchased on United Air Lines stock, as opposed to only 396 call options (speculation that the stock will go up). This is a dramatic and abnormal increase in sales of put options. Many of the United puts are purchased through Deutschebank/A.B. Brown, a firm managed until 1998 by the current executive director of the CIA, A.B. "Buzzy" Krongard. [Source: The Herzliyya International Policy Institute for Counterterrorism (ICT),, Sept. 21, 2001 (Note:The ICT article on possible terrorist insider trading appeared eight days *after* the 9/11 attacks.); The New York Times; The Wall Street Journal; The San Francisco Chronicle, Sept. 29, 2001]

    46. Sept. 10, 2001 - Put options totaling 4,516 are purchased on American Airlines as compared to 748 call options. [Source: Herzliyya Institute - above]

    47. Sept. 6-11, 2001 - No other airlines show any similar trading patterns to those experienced by United and American. The put option purchases on both airlines were 600 percent above normal. This at a time when Reuters (Sept. 10) issues a business report stating, "Airline stocks may be poised to take off."

    48. Sept. 6-10, 2001 - Highly abnormal levels of put options are purchased in Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, AXA Re(insurance) which owns 25 percent of American Airlines, and Munich Re. All of these companies are directly impacted by the Sept. 11 attacks. [Source: ICT, above; FTW, Oct. 18, 2001,]

    A sick story that happened just today 9/6:
    9/4 evening a bro called me here in UAE from Hawaii. A teacher, an ex-US army officer, a good man. My first call from stateside in almost 2 years. Today, 9/6 morning for him, he gets a call from the phone company checking up on him like who is he, why is he calling the mid-east etc.

    It makes me sick to my stomach and I would rather be dead than living in conditions like that. Give me any kind of terrorist risk or whatever way before this 1984/Stazi/KGB shit.

    Remember, the original, real Americans took guns and rose up against a bunch of rich elitist rulers who were out of control.
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  3. i see you're hinting at a civil war ii type situation. it could never happen now though. it would be ended immediately...look at the waco/ruby ridge incidents. any attempt to organize and overthrow our government by the people would be quickly exterminated.
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  4. phew! what sickening vitriol. mr. 4 languages, 6 countries thou art decidedly full of shit. sir, you are an educated buffoon, who has zilch understanding of the way the world works.
    say hi to Chomsky next time you get together..

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  5. Gordon Gekko,

    What if our government turns on itself? The reason why a civil war seems so absurd is because the conditions aren't dire enough to warrant it.

    However, if there was rioting, looting and a general breakdown of civil order which required marshal law, then you might have a good catalyst for some perverse form of self-dividing ranks among social classes, government sub-sections, etc.

    I'm not saying it will happen -- but you definately could not rule it out. We just don't know what type of event could transpire in the future that would push a large enough sub-section of our population to the brink of retaliation against some other race, social class, etc.

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  6. aphexcoil or someone else,

    i have a vague understanding of marshal law, but i'm unsure of what the true meaning is. i tried looking it up using google, but i couldn't find it defined anywhere. someone please explain it for me..

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  7. that's because it's called Martial Law, not Marshal Law...
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  9. ok, i think there were a few suggestions, but i think some were also refuted. have we come to any conclusions here?

    say you are currently long overnight some eminis and some stocks. if at 9am est tomorrow, a plane flew into the white house, what could you do?
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  10. sell 'em
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