Last Septermber 11th, What Could You Have Done?

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  1. Actually it's better than that. At the time that was written the death toll at the WTC was 5 thousand. Now I think it's just below 3000.
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  2. 1 needless death from terrorism is too many.

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  3. Yes of course, but if anyone said that less than 3000 people would ultimately be killed in the 2 largest office towers in the eastern US at 9am on a business day, I'd say we were lucky indeed.
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  4. Imagine how different things would have been if the planes would have hit an hour later. There are so many "what-if" scenerios -- but there is at least one man or woman who worked on one of those floors who decided to take the day off -- and I bet they believe in God more than anyone.

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  5. *shaking my head* aphie you are another on the long list of people who desperately needs to get a clue.

    your own country, fool, has been a leading nation in sponsoring terror. i think the us's actions in places like nicaragua in the 80s is responsible for slightly more than one "needless death".
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  7. Why does every Goddamn thread on this board start out on topic then have to deteriorate into an infantfest. This is a serious topic let's keep it that way.
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  8. Tech Analysis,

    I agree with you. However, it is the type of comments devoid of any thought such as the one's that Daniel_M makes that really do wonders in causing extreme tangents from the subject being discussed.

    I merely stated that one innocent woman, man or child going to work that day should not have been a victim to terrorism and he then comes back with this retort about how the US has been terrorizing the rest of the world.

    It just goes to show how heartless some people are. I make a case for one death being too many from the hands of terrorism, and instantly Daniel_M turns it into a political agenda.

    Oh well, there is one thing I learned at a very young age. This world has no shortage of true a**holes.

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  9. Watch your language my dear young man!!!

    And Happy New Year to all my Jewish friends.
    Pray for my son, please!

    MrSubs' Mom
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  10. what did you want me to say? what could anyone say?
    you say one death is too much...what fuckin planet are you living on?? it's SOOOO bad just cos it happens to have happend to YOU?

    the point is... some excellent points were made about how we really could be grateful that 9/11 could easily have been a LOT know, a way of looking at it to help you get over it! (which you desperately need to do!). ..and you come back basically saying, "yeah...but even if one person dies it's not good enough". Of course i'm gonna come back and say that, shit buddy, a whole lot more than just one person has died at the hands US sponsored terror..(of course, we only use "terror" when it is happening to us)

    i'm not turning it into a 'political agenda' ...shit, i'm one of the biggest US supporters you could find...but that's no reason to willfully remain blind to what occurs in the world..

    your completely irrational assertion that 9/11 was the most momentous event in the history of the world betrays your one-eyed outlook on the world (which consists of a whole lot more than just the US, in case you didn't notice)... that's why i said you need to get a clue...and you do!
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