Last Septermber 11th, What Could You Have Done?

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  1. Politics is everywhere, why not from a stewardess?. Oh excuse me, flight attendant. I forgot to use newspeak. Even on ESPN I once heard Jon Miller blubber something against conservatives. I can't turn on the TV at least once a week and see someone bashing the right and go unchallenged. Say something against the left and you're on the front page of every newspaper in America except the Washington Times and NY Post.
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  2. Now those are REAL papers. I couldn't devise my policies foreign or domestic without the insight provided by the NY POST. And what a great sports section! (Although they could give a little more space and respect to the Texas Rangers).

    POTUS 43
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  3. Excuse me, Expatrader, could you please post your home address for me? I just want to send you a card on Christmas.

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  4. sorry, rs. I refuse to obtain permission from you prior to posting.

    What I said is what happened. I suppose editing reality would make you more comfortable. It's just not me.
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  5. too funny. anyway, thx for the INCA info, rs7.
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  6. rs7


    Chas, I wouldn't want you to change a thing! I am more amused by your posts than any others. It is great that you can work politics and religion into anything. You are my favorite.

    Love ya baby...don't ever change!


    PS: I think it is probably safe to say all "stewardesses" are left wing extremists. I remember that 5 of the Chicago 7 were ex-stewardesses, and Bobby Seal would have been, but couldn't break the color barrier at that time and was turned down by Eastern Airlines several times. I remember it was brought up in the trial.
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    expatrader, youre dumb. Shut up dummy.
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  8. President Bush[married a librarian] said something like -get back to work,Sept.

    So I got back to work;thankful LUV airline did well Sept.


    Always did like that song-''Streets are paved with gold''

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  9. Keep workin at it Murry T - I almost understood that one..
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  10. in HISTORY? easy with the hyperbole dude...
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