Last S7 question I have....

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by bouncingsoul, Jul 11, 2005.

  1. Thanks for everyone's help regarding the many questions I have posted over the past few weeks....It really has been extremely helpful.

    One last question...When focusing on Options for the S7...would many of you consider the questions to focus on basic fundamentals and profit/loss calculations? Or is it more advanced...spreads, straddles, combo's etc. I'm thinking it's probably pretty basic. I was just curious.

  2. no, it is advanced. spreads straddles etc. the questions are not difficult but you must know the theory inside out.

    i recommend the "dearborn's series 7 drill and practice" product. it's a practice CD arranged by topics and you can also choose to simulate complete exams. it's really a gem. i got 92% in the exam, and i owe it all to dearborn's. i took the exam in 2002.
  3. I agree. Dearborn has the best series' books and cd's to help you pass your exams. some of the questions on the cd's and workbooks are almost the exact same questions on the test.
  4. oh yes, forgot to mention that. many questions repeated word for word on the exam itself.
  5. the options related questions should be the easiest part on the exam. they are basic math questions essentially. then again i was a finance major so maybe i was biased.

    the hardest questions for my fellow finance majors were the regulatory questions because they are straight up memorization and there is no way to weasel your way out of them.