Last minute of Friday's trading receiving scrutiny

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    Yeah, wtf happened there?

    Someone forced to liquidate shorts? Lots of hedgefunds I guess are short now.


    Just manipulation as friday last minutes are the best time to do it when market is calm and low-vol. Livermore also did it usually friday afternoons.

    As someone first loading up on e-minis or stocks and then making that crazy order in the cash-market to drive up prices. And then slowly unloading in electronic-market.

    I guess cash-market and floor is the best way to manipulate like this cos its not electronic.
  2. We're going to S&P 933 sooner than later. If you guys are going to short, do it there. If you short on Monday, you'll lose.
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    What if we'll get there on Monday?
  4. Sorry. It was me. Damn TWS is SO confusing...

    I meant to buy 1 ES. Ended up buying 100,000. Oh well the market will be up next week anyway. It's up every week, isn't it? :D
  5. Yep, you have nothing to worry about.
  6. Oh, excuse me! If the S&P goes to 933 on Monday, go ahead and short it at as soon as it hits the approximate area, then starts descending. Do not wait till it drops to 920, because if you short it at 920, it might turn up. Then you'll freak out on me and abandon your short. Capish?
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    When it happened I thought it was either manipulation or someone knew something about GM being saved this weekend. That was some volume. People are saying window dressing, I'm not that familiar with how that works in the market. I do get that managers do not want their books to show they missed this rally, but all at once? They had all day to buy, not sure.

    As far as a short cover, it did double bottom for the day and then push past an early morning high. Also the 914 level. But that volume... who is short that heavy? And are they hiring? They have a lot of money to burn in a sideways market.

    If GM is saved I will understand it, if not I hope someone figures it out.
  8. This market is in RIP mode.

    Enjoy the day guys.
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