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  1. What was the last good trading thread that you read on ET? What was the subject matter? How much pie was thrown? Were there any posts with truly good advice for new traders? The "OH GOD! THE SKY IS FALLING, THE SKY IS FALLING!!!" threads don't count. When was the last time you logged onto ET, sat down and read something interesting, inspiring, amusing but not at the expense of someone else? When was the last time you sat down to ET and a fresh pot of coffee and felt like you had just taken something valuable with you after visiting the site? Like you had stolen someone's closely guarded trade secret? Like a dozen light bulbs started flickering brilliantly in a display of fireworks, a whole new plethora of ideas just waiting to be implemented? When was the last time???
  2. For me, this all happened on my own, staring at hundreds of days worth of charts and working through the many scenarios myself. Very rewarding stuff.

    ET is mainly for entertainment, if you use this as your template for viewing ET, you'll be much better off. And if you do read something valuable and helpful, consider it bonus :)

  3. Yo man, Suds is a good guy so chill.

    There are a few good threads running around. I agree, they are very hard to find.

    One of the main things that make it so difficult is you have that idiot apak/c-kid/cold and a few others like Port1385, etc who constantly start threads with misleading titles...they will start a thread with an interesting topic as the title and then when you open the thread, you realize it is pure ignorant bullshit.

    Problem is, once a parasite like that latches on, you can't get rid of them. No matter how many times they get banned, they just show right back up, using a proxy, etc.

    It gets to where the legitimate sounding threads are total ignorant bullshit 80% of the time, so you literally start almost exclusively reading the threads that are obviously outrageous and stupid, if for nothing else than the simple fact you know what you're getting and you know it will be entertaining.

    I am not dogging on ET. It is what it is. It's free, and at least Baron pretty much lets everybody get it all out. He is not overly restrictive like traderspurgatory err...I mean traderslaboratory is. It's way too homo over there. You basically have the Market Profile, VSA, and "Market Statistics" cults, and if you aren't drinking the Kool-Aid, you will have a tough time. It's actually pretty creepy. Really creepy vibe "in the air" over there. Any time there is a disagreement, posts start getting deleted without mercy. That's not how real life works, and I don't like having censors decide what I get to say and read.

    So, at least you have to admit Baron generally "keeps it real" here.

    There is plenty of bullshit, but that comes with the territory. It's fun to have a place you can come talk shit to each other and raise a little hell, but at the same time, if you're willing to do some digging, you can find some worthwhile trading info.

    You just have to approach it with the right mindset, and I don't mean it as an insult. It's a fun place to kick it. There are some good people here. Bad ones too...but just ignore them and you'll be fine.

    Later bud.
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    I support your viewpoint.

    There is a huge amount of garbage but on the other hand if you have meddlesome moderators acting as police and censors chucking a lot of stuff out they just as likely will chuck out good stuff when they don't like the contributor or when it is only their prejudice. So Baron's policy of light moderation is still best for running a successful discussions site.

    There might be a case though for moving all the plethora of prediction stuff, most of it either idiot guesses or boasting from idiot attention seekers, into a new separate PREDICTIONS forum. This might keep the TRADING forum for serious trading ideas, trading price reviews and proper trading discussions in general.

  5. I think that would be a pretty dang good idea. That would probably help keep the clutter down in the trading forum.
  6. ET is a hell hole really. A guy had a discussion elsewhere about his trading method, then he automated it and came on ET and offered to distribute the software for automation, to run on several different platforms even... guess what, they trashed the guy, questioned his motives, etc.. he pulled the thread... I was nice to him and am getting the software updates every so often, it's working great for me, but I'm not some anti-capitalist asshole looking for every little chance to destroy a forum am I??
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    I honestly don't remember.
  8. Solid and consistent trading? Yes, that is what I do. What is a swordman? Never mind, getting into debate with you is pointless.

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    Perhaps a better questions might be, "What was the last good trading thread that you started on ET?"

    If a person thinks there aren't any good threads to read, then the best thing for that person to do is to start a thread of his own, and let the rest of us be the judge on how good it is.
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    The problem I see is that when an otherwise good thread is started, it can turn into an immature pissing match that the OP has no way to control, making it frustrating to attempt to start a new quality thread.

    I started a feedback forum two months ago, pointing this out, but never got a response from you. For me, and likely many others, starting a new thread or contributing quality information can often be a waste of time and accomplish little other than create frustration. This will continue to be a problem, IMO, until the OP is enabled to self moderate their own thread. I don't see what harm can come of that.
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