Last Days of Lehman Brothers

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    One Year Later

    One Year Later

    Almost one year since Lehman Brothers has declared bankruptcy and what a year it has been. I recount the week one year ago as one of the worse in my young life and hope not one has the same experience I had.

    1. Just purchased my first home and Hurricane Ike has its sights on my city. Have not even took the “for sale” sign out of the front yard and my new home may not even be standing by the weekend.
    2. Lehman Brothers is looking for 1) Fed to step in or 2) someone to acquire, rumors are Goldman Sachs, Barclays & Bank of America. Bank of America just picked up Merrill Lynch so we took them out of the running and Goldman Sachs was the leader in my department so that was a highlight. Small talk with people in the office said it may not look good but “business as usual”
    3. I was set to get married the upcoming weekend. No flights coming or going. Guest list from 120 to 20.

    Since that week…..

    Acquired by Barclays and kept job. House was fine. Tied the knot at a later date.

    Moral of the story…. Could always be worse…..Unemployed. Homeless. Single