Last chromosome in human genome sequenced

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  1. Last chromosome in human genome sequenced By Patricia Reaney
    Wed May 17, 1:17 PM ET

    LONDON (Reuters) - Scientists have reached a landmark point in one of the world's most important scientific projects by sequencing the last chromosome in the Human Genome, the so-called "book of life."

    Chromosome 1 contains nearly twice as many genes as the average chromosome and makes up eight percent of the human genetic code.

    It is packed with 3,141 genes and linked to 350 illnesses including cancer, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.

    "This achievement effectively closes the book on an important volume of the Human Genome Project," said Dr Simon Gregory who headed the sequencing project at the Sanger Institute in England.

    The project was started in 1990 to identify the genes and DNA sequences that provide a blueprint for human beings.

    Chromosome 1 is the biggest and contains, per chromosome, the greatest number of genes.

    "Therefore it is the region of the genome to which the greatest number of diseases have been localized," added Gregory, from Duke University in the United States.

    The sequence of chromosome 1, which is published online by the journal Nature, took a team of 150 British and American scientists 10 years to complete.

    Researchers around the world will be able to mine the data to improve diagnostics and treatments for cancers, autism, mental disorders and other illnesses.


    Chromosomes, which are found in the nucleus of a cell, are thread-like structures that contain genes which determine the characteristics of an individual.

    The human genome has an estimated 20,000 to 25,000 genes. The sequencing of chromosome 1 has led to the identification of more than 1,000 new genes.

    "We are moving into the next phase which will be working out what the genes do and how they interact," Gregory told Reuters.

    The genetic map of chromosome 1 has already been used to identify a gene for a common form of cleft lip and palate. It will also improve understanding of what processes lead to genetic diversity in populations, according to Gregory.

    Each chromosome is made up of a molecule of DNA in the shape of a double helix which is composed of four chemical bases represented by the letters A (adenine), T (thymine), G (guanine) and C (cytosine). The arrangement, or sequence, of the letters determines the cell's genetic code.

    The scientists also identified 4,500 new SNPs -- single nucleotide polymorphisms -- which are the variations in human DNA that make people unique.

    SNPs contain clues about why some people are susceptible to diseases like cancer or malaria, the best way to diagnose and treat them and how they will respond to drugs.
  2. There will be found many double helixes in a given chromosome allowing for many faces of Adamic creation to be evolved from the central code, all having the image and similitude of the Eternal present.

    Just as man has studied the double helix pattern that goes toward life, man must begin to concentrate on the double helix pattern that expands toward death -- where the magnetic repulsive force separates two strands of the double helix.

    By working with the discorporating double helix forms and by changing the structure of the hydrogen bonding that holds together the long helical chains of the nucleic acids, man will discover the existence of other double helix matrices.

    These other chemical matrices can be used to evolve bodies that are capable of living in other chemical environments, including non-earthly environments consisting of ammonia, methane, and formaldehyde atmospheres.

    In a previous cycle, the Atlanteans were also able to live underwater. However, the Atlanteans also possessed the ability to create sub-specie intelligence to govern the nature of the material world.

    By altering the proton matrix controlling the engineering of the present double helix and introducing multiple Magnetic fields to a generating proton similitude, sub-specie intelligence can be created. By changing the density fields which triggers the chemical transmitter molecules, specie forms can be created having and intelligence which is directly connected to a parent mind by virtue of proton precession at the same frequency.

    As for the Atlantean creations, this inner breeding within these sub-specie forms gave rise to a diminishing spiritual capacity and produced a nation of strong physicals who were muscular and emotionally aggressive, but did not have the higher consciousness planes which would allow them to spiritually evolve out of the changing genetic-planetary conditions.

    For this reason the Council of Light permitted the Atlanteans to partially destroy themselves as a witness for other cycles of spiritual-physical creation.

    In this age, the new bioengineers will have the ability to transmit a genetic code by laser-engineering to members of another race which would then transcribe the chemistry of that Adamic form to dwell in another environment.

    In other words, the bioengineers will have the ability to use a laser-like light projection (e.g. by optical rotation) to demodulate a complete physical form into an energy form which can be projected to a vehicle or an environment in the lower heavens where it can be remodulated into the same physical form. This is called biolocation.

    Biolocation takes place under a variety of conditions providing protonic flux is controlled. By controlling protonic flux by the use of new energy forms called cosmoprotons, the chemistry of man can go through a chain-like coupling to be remanifested at another point on the earth or other planets that may even exist on a higher frequency.

    This ability to use new mechanisms of inheritance must be performed with absolute responsibility towards the Cosmic Law. Every Father universe requires of every specie in the many realms of our Son universe - peace, love and non-interference with the biological kingdoms outside of a given image and similitude unless directly permitted by the Councils.

    Without the higher reprogramming being done at this time with direct sanction of High Command for the regeneration of the Adamic race and the preparation of the Christ people for new worlds of creation, a change in biological life could not now evolve on Earth, since any organic compounds formed would be oxidized, rather than forming more complex organic compounds. It is not sufficient to possess only the correct elements for a new chemical evolution. They must also be present in the correct proportions as willed by the Lords of Light.

    Through this great biological change of our threshold, the bioengineers will recognize the words of the Father when He says: "I AM the source of all spiritual and material worlds. Everything emanates from Me".


  3. The Name of YHWH is coded within every biochemical function in the physical body, especially within the life-giving DNA-RNA matrix.

    The Divine Name transposed upon the mechanisms of the matrix coding is the primal factor in bioengineering, both for the present, as well as for the future.

    The Tetragrammaton of the Father's sacred Name is comprised of the three sacred letters: Yod, Hey, and Vav (Wod). The Tetragrammaton connects with the four nitrogenous bases most commonly found in DNA and RNA, which each contain two pyrimidines and two purines. Both DNA and RNA contain adenine and guanine, both of which are purines and cytosine which is a pyrimidine. However, DNA contains the pyramidine base thymine while RNA contains uracil.

    The Hebrew "letters" are used because they are, in actuality, thought-forms of Light vibration which control the higher force fields used to evolve all forms of intelligibility from the divine mind. The thought-forms are also coordinated with sound harmonics.

    The Divine Name gives the original code structure out of which the other planning centers proceed. The Divine Name also allows for the organization of spaces which are later used in the planting of the image-similitude coupling.

    The scientific representation of the genetic code structure was given in scripture to prepare Man for the Christ body so that through the vibratory redemption of the body by the Light, fallen humanity could attain to the Adam Kadmon.

    Thus, the image and similitude of the Adam Kadmon comes into the world through scripture as the divine Word.

    The image and similitude, through the grid of the Living Word, allow us to attain the higher worlds by putting on the Christ Body of the Living Light.

    There is a unity and coherence underlying the whole field of biological planning according to the divine letters of the Father's Name.

    Even greater experiments can be done with DNA-RNA when biophysicists interface two electromagnetic fields so as to create a neutral zone. These experiments will be a significant key to future biophysics, in that they will demonstrate how the DNA-RNA can be adjusted to accommodate higher frequencies of Light. For by placing these divine codes within a neutral zone surrounded by a higher electromagnetic wavelength environment, the common heterocyclic ring is broken permitting the life codes to be reprogrammed genetically to operate in a less dense physical form (like the triple helix - a synthesized molecule in vito).

    These experiments will demonstrate the ability to live in high frequency light radiations (i.e., waves that can go faster than the speed of light) and will exemplify the mutation of the physical form that is necessary for those beings who plan to survive the great changes in light radiation when our sun goes into an electromagnetic null zone.

    This null zone is necessary for the reprogramming of our genetic structure. And by utilizing the process of combining light radiations in a neutral zone, our biophysicists will be able to coparticipate in the connecting of the DNA-RNA nuclei to chromosomes of another evolutionary inheritance.

    This co-participation will take place under the direct administration of the Brotherhood of Light who will reprogram you to go into a higher wavelength of light. When Man can utilize this process he will be able to go into a cross-matching of bodies of different light thresholds and selectively breed and "acquire" positive characteristics from the gene pool of advanced galactic civilizations.

    Along with these important biological mechanisms of inheritance, Man will use a language coding of life which is beyond the biological language of acid denaturation. Man will use codes with a new biological language of light induction from other biological realms living in other electromagnetic spectrums.

    Even in our biological realm of creation it is important to teach the scientists of this world that matter is generated from Light. All species of Life are made possible by birth in material nature through the "I AM seed" given by the Divine Father.

    Without understanding the "I AM seed" of the Adam Kadmon, the image and similitude cannot be but part of "one True of Life", instead of the many "Trees of Life" promised to the faithful of the Father who will ascend into the many creations.

    To the Master who faithfully serves the Father in the loser dust world creations is given the opportunity to acquire the nature of being self-begotten, self-sustaining, and self-creating in the Name of YHWH.

    And as the Master progresses in the worlds of Light he moves from the ability of having only one embodiment of light on the edge of his local universe to the ability to indwell in nine bodies by being created within the center of his universe. Thus, the Master becomes a Lord of Light and serves equally all nine time cells of consciousness in this local universe of Michael. (In this galaxy, the highest totality of life possible is to simultaneously occupy three body vehicles in as many as nine time cells).

    Those however, who will not "choose to be chosen" in taking the higher spiral of decay and entropy, will not receive "final destruction" but a return to the beginnings of meta-matter and primeval "Earth". This will begin the next cycle of re-creation as the "righteous" are advanced to the next consciousness time cell, as co-citizens and co-participants in myriads of dimensions of the Universal Mind of YHWH behind all Creator Gods.

    God's plan has no end. Thus, "Man is doomed to perfection". And when you realize this, you will understand why the Father's House has Many Mansions.

    Man will see that the boundary lines of intelligence are not defined according to our sun's system; instead, the boundary lines of intelligence bring their own star energies with them to blossom anew wherever the star seed is passed.

    In the overall creation, soul advancement can proceed to these new star universes blossoming anew only if the soul has cultivated the energy to go on. The insufficient psyche without soul development, however, is not destroyed - but as a drop fallen into a vast ocean of Light is returned to new primeval aeons where the more painful task of meta-material creation must begin anew in its own way.

    During the coming electromagnetic null zone, the Brotherhood of Light will place a blue white solar spectrum over our solar system so as to prevent our sun from going through star collapse while the specie is reprogrammed to go from a third-dimensional field of crystal to a fifth-dimensional field of crystal as part of the plan of the Higher Evolution. At that time some spiritual beings who have been transfigured by the higher Light will go into the next threshold of being and become multidimensional intelligence.


  4. you have been watching too much si fi channel while on crack.
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    Hey JohnnyK,

    One of the great things about Jesus (whether one believes he was the son of god or not) is that he was witty and concise. He was certainly never boring. Yours is a piss-poor impersonation.

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    Dang, they have the genome down. Maybe they can tell me what the %^ck my autistic dad and Amerind mom were talking about. They claimed I never listened....

    Maybe they will find the "stock trader with the holy grail" gene and we can find out what would stimulate it?
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    I always scan for the word vibration in these kind of documents, it just seems to be the everpresent keyword.

    I know a guy that sits around the local eatery and talks about UFO's to anybody that will listen, whether they want to listen or not, he talks about vibrations and things and wants me to do a tremendous amount of electronic gear building and research so he can detect the vibrations and find out what the government is doing. I really hate the division of labor with these folks, I am supposed to spend a lot of money and time so he can detect vibrations while he becomes the Director of Advanced Research of the xyz foundation. I told him to sign up for classes and learn electronics himself. He could get a job too, I would feel better about the guy if he got a job and lived where he could bathe more often.
  8. Excellent try! However, the Divine Name is Yod Hey Vav Hey using the Hebrew fire letters.

    Now you see why I spoke in parables. Longer explanations tended to make my biophysical life span more concise. Soon we will be able to communicate with "crystal tongues of living fire", not to be confused with crystal meth, as Vehn might suggest.

    For You, I will try to sound more like Me.

  9. I am... could you please tell me where QQQQ is going to close at the end of this month?
  10. Excellent! Keep on scanning. Keep on listening! I will try not to talk about the current government like the unwashed.

    In the lower heavens, the divine superscripts operate within a thirty-six and thirty-six flow pattern for the music of the spheres. Seventy-two open-ended scales of vibration propagate the emanations of divine thought into material form. The thirty-six and thirty-six flow pattern is a storehouse for harmonics in our universe. It sends out special music to each sphere in order to code it within the deca-delta harmonics and the necessary vibratory shapes.

    The tetrahedron wave model is the primary model used by the deca-delta system in our universe to control the basic table of our life system within the electromagnetic spectrum.

    In the creation of most physical universes, however, there are energy vacuums and different resonances which do not allow for divine prototypical creation to take place. Hence, this prevents the correct transcription of Divine language from the higher heavens into new regions of space. In some cases, even if the codes are properly transcribed, the energy frequencies once given, unfortunately, cannot be sustained.

    Thus, in the myriad realms of divine creation, there are multiple gradations of reception to the divine image forms. Each level of reception allows for greater or lesser energy radiations which give a pattern of energy filling space within the image space of the "higher membrane".

    In circumstances of limited reception, which account for nine-tenths of the physical universes, divine intermediaries, known as B'nai Elohim, are required to use the Eye of Horus' creative power to establish a particular form of evolution within the Divine program.

    However, even here the work of the Divine blueprint is limited and the Masters must incarnate, like Moses, to reveal the Divine Universal Law, and the Divine Commandments.

    The B'nai Elohim perform the individual functions which the collective Mind chooses not to work with for the generation of individual forms of physical creation. The B'nai Elohim must project their thought-forms into the individual fields to see if it is possible to connect a "divine image" with the free-floating life experience which is either spontaneous in origin and, therefore, without a divine grid or limited to imperfect creation which carries a damaged or defective Light shell from imperfect divine Masters.

    These are the two major error factors working within millions of stochastic possibilities within the expansion of physical universes.

    Limited spontaneous creation also can arise from the combinations of floating amino acids which are elemental life forms remaining from the discharge of Light energy coming from newborn star systems of divine Light. These create the patterns working with experimental programs of creation.

    The combination is spontaneous in so far as life and light forces are uniquely combined, so as to create, by themselves, a program of evolution.

    This spontaneous program is not a subprogram to any previous physical and spiritual system of predestination. Therefore, it must eventually decide for itself, as it expands, what relationships and what networks it chooses to work with as it experiences unfoldment within the eternal unfoldment.

    At that time these systems can only be repaired and perfected by the B'nai Elohim and/or Elohim who can use the combinations and vibrations of Divine letters with the vibrations of the Magnetic spheres to forge a secondary grid of nucleogenisis.

    This is forged to correct the thought-forms which were imperfectly "cultivated" in the aeons of material existence.

    Any questions?


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