Last Chance to buy FB @ 100x earnings

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Hansel H, May 22, 2012.

  1. According to my broker FB P/E is 108.

    How can FB increase earnings without alienating its user base?
    If they can't there's only one way this thing can go. We may have short covering rallies and normal back-and-fill action but it has to go down.

    @ 20x earnings this thing will be $6! With no earnings growth strategy how will it even maintain at 20x?

    The only thing I see going for FB is the fact that our little friend, Mr Zuckerberg, appears to be determined to maintain control of the company through majority ownership. This kid ain't no dummy so maybe he actually has a plan.

    Meantime I'm ignoring any rallies pending some indication this company can earn more than 30 cents a share.
  2. Bison42


    Well said Hansel H. Short the rallies.
  3. pupu


    FB is a 10$ stock (after rounding up from 4.78$)

    Kudos to Morbid Stanley on putting a ton of lipstick on this pig.