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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Don Bright, Jan 4, 2002.

  1. I have not heard back from several of you (after initial interest) about participating in the chat room/stock trading services test. I won't list names here, but you know who you are...and when this was "hot" you guys said you wanted a chance to show your stuff...I got "stuff" for a couple of days, or promises therof, but it has faded. This is either going to start on Monday, or I will have to put it off.

    I want to thank "Power Trader" for their daily emails. The other three that I received initial interest on are perhaps waiting for the 7th, which is ok (it would help if I got emails real early before the opening on Monday).

    If the rest of you choose to stay out, I understand.

    Please send private emails with picks, as per previous posts to:

    Thanks to everyone!!
  2. I made a prediction that seems to be holding--most of these guys will wimp out. What vendor in their right mind would risk looking like a fool? Look how Chartwiz went nuclear over some mild questioning, although at least he has the cojones to be in this contest, uhhh....don't you Chartwiz?

    Don, why not tell us who bailed and give them a chance to say why?
  3. I think it was established on the old thread that no one could agree how to factor in realtime exits, stops, etc and since Don would actually be executing these trades, this was a big concern on their (the vendor's) part. Also, many of them provide live realtime calls and Don was only asking for pre-opening set-ups was he not? I never thought it would work in a million years to be honest.
  4. DATTrader,

    I agree the "rules" seemed a bit vague, but I think Don's point was that he wanted to give it a real world test, not just audit their record. Let's face it, if he couldn't trade their picks profitably, how many newbies could?

    A lot of these guys purport to give swing trades, as well as daytrades, so I don't see why they couldn't use those. Also, many of them claim to have highly accurate daytrade methods using S and R or chart patterns or whatever. I don't see why they couldn't give Don fairly specific entry and exit criteria for a few of those each day, ie. "buy XYZ at 25.5 limit, sell 25.25 stop or 26 MIT OCO." How hard would that be?
  5. I am really trying to give this an honest and fair shot. This could be extremely valuable for, brandon (you said Jan 7th, I believe), Powertrade, and even 1 of my own remote traders who wants "in"....and Ray Johns ( wants to be "published" - and I will give everyone a chance to "back out gracefully" - but it has taken a lot of time and effort so far (setting up spreadsheets ,etc...) and I would like to see it through.

    If someone wants to send Instant Message signals during the day (so they can be time verified - "donbright"), then I can have either real time trades or a reflective analysis done after the close.

    So think about it over the weekend, send some emails.
  6. Brandonf

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    I will send you a few things this weekend that will have to be longer term swing type trades because I will be gone from Tuesday to Friday. From the 10th to the 21st I will give you our daily list.

  7. Thanks to Brandon, Ray, and Power Trade for their input...still waiting for a few more...
  8. I have Brandon, PowerTrade, Ray Johns, and Dan so far today.

    If anyone else wants in, let me know.