Last chance before global geopolitical dislocation

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  1. Opinions? China wanted a global currency i read.

    "If, when gathered in London next April 2nd, you are not able to adopt a number of bold and innovative decisions, focused on the essential issues and problems, and to initiate them by summer 2009, then the crisis will entail a « general geopolitical dislocation » by the end of the year, affecting the international system as well as the very structure of large political entities such as the United States, Russia, China or the EU. Any chance for you to control the fate of the 6 billion inhabitants of the world will then be over.


    1. The key to solving the crisis lies in creating a new international reserve currency!

    2. Set up bank control schemes as soon as possible!

    3. Get the IMF to assess the US, UK and Swiss financial systems!"
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    long UDN jun 25 calls at 1.05 just in case.... ;)
  3. Well, no "Global" as the article calls for. So I guess we'll see a global collapse by the end of the summer like the author claims.

    I'm sure, if it doesn't happen, there will be a whole bunch of reasons why - from the author, of course.