Last CBS Poll - Amazing!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by BlindLemonBoosh, Nov 4, 2008.

  1. Affiliation Obama McCain Und/Oth*
    Democrat--- 88..... 09..... 03
    Republican-- 12..... 85..... 03
    Independent 46..... 43..... 08
    Diebold------ 00..... 98..... 02

  2. WRONG.....diebold machines wanted obama as he is the globalists choice (just as they got in all their recent previous choices...bush, bush, clinton, clinton, bush). 4 times more wall street money went to obama and the bilderberg group already "blessed" him in chantilly virgina back in June (he had to go see the main bilderberg group members with hillary.....I am sure she was having to hold her tongue that day....LOL).

    The globalists man has been obama and they got him in......they THANK YOU for your vote! :eek:
  3. kut2k2


    Aren't you supposed to be at your 9/11 conspiracy meeting about now? :D
  4. whats wrong with globalism? I am a globalist myself
  5. believe THEIR story......jokes on you!!! :D :D :D
  6. Obviously you do not understand the context of globalism I am talking about (or the groups I am talking about).

    BTW, love the globalist world financial system these days....LOL!!! :eek:

    :D :D :D