Last Attempt 2012

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  1. This is my last attempt at trading with a miniscule account that I have left after the last blow up. The account is with Oanda - I only trade G7 forex currency pairs, mostly EUR. As the account is so small, I will be trading with high leverage, because, frankly, I have nothing left to lose. Account snapshot is attached. Balance is $767.25

  2. ... if you haven't learned from the last time, and are just going to continue doing what isn't working but with higher leverage... I'd rather you just give that account balance to charity than piss it away.

    How about this, what went wrong the last time? What were your mistakes? What was your old plan?

    What is your new plan?

    Etc... etc...
  3. krittika


    it goes for charity anyway,since people who make money are very charitable..