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    I search for a homepage, that indicates me the last 5 days from the eminiES and the eminiNQ (open, high, low, close, volume)....

    Do anyone from you know such a site?


  2. to the left of the page not the right.....ooops

    I am left handed and remembered it on the other side of the brain.

    Michael B.
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    Thx ElectricSavant but on this site I have to download CSV-files :(

    Do you know a site where the last days are displayed directly on the site (without downloading files)?
  4. No I do not rememeber...but you can find it.

    Remember, that OHLC can be deceptive with an instrument that trades 24 hours. You might want to specify RTH hours in this thread and your future requests. RTH=regular trading hours (7:30cst-15:15cst)

    If you find it please let me know as this would be nice....also 1 min data for free would be great! I would even Download it!

    Michael B.
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    What I search is like this but just with eminiQuotes from the ES and NQ (RTH hours)!

    (The last 5 days would suffice me.....)
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    Thanks uptik2000 that's what I'm looking for :cool:

    If you (or someone else) have another link like this let me know!
  7. Where does it specify RTH on barcharts?

    Michael B.
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