Last 2 For The Year!- Jks & Pwer*

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  1. Folks it's been a slog as of late. I've grown disenchanted with some stocks that won't move I'm selling NNBR a little rolling bearing play and ATM play Cardronics CATM and I'm re entering that minefield that is SOLAR.

    I have lost money on every solar stock I have ever bought. Blinded perhaps by a wish for a better earth I have taken the plunge a few times. Yet I scored big on backbone solar supplier ASYS. And that's got me to thinking. Solar is a minefield analysts have a lot to chew on it's easy to see or predict a glut and indeed a lot of this stuff becomes commodity like. You might as well just by an in favor commodity stock, so it takes some amount of brass balls to step up in this sector.

    PWER- I've been in this name before. It can scare the crap out of you. It's shares are cheap and it's products are in demand. What's nice is this is an American co that is supplying a lot of solar stocks everywhere. The company makes inverters which are inverting something for solar energy (this is stonedinvesting). There is of course a very large short position which adds to the fun. The stock is off it's a high and I think a prime high growth low cost sort of stock that could run into the end of year despite solar stocks in general which seem forever stuck in the mud.
    BUY 1000 PWER @ $11.00 area.

    JKS- Avid readers of the threads know I longed for JK Solar in the past. It was an $11 CHINESE BASED IPO that just didn't stop going up as all the other one's fell apart. Ar one point I remember laying out all the graphs and JKS was the only one nicely up! Something was and is different about this stock. Eventually the glow faded and the stock fell pretty hard. I remember it at $30 and $28 and $26 and then I lost track of it. This morning I was just reading through a very dry and boring free service and there was a nicely timed PR by the co about expanding production ahead of schedule. It's just tough to put a negative spin on that especially when a good number of those year 2011 orders are in the order book already! JKS is another stock that has a 52 week high above where it is now.
    BUY 1000 JKS (if you can 100 is fine too) @ $22.00 area.

    At some point investors just refuse to keep buying break out stocks already at highs... value sharks do still swim these oceans... the next move in the market I believe will reward these type stocks. ~stoney
  2. Interesting point of vue, thanks for sharing.
  3. PWER has a cash balance of approximately $194.6 million, or a $1.90 of cash per share, and $39.7 million of outstanding debt does not mature until 2019. This feels to me like a quick trade.

    I think JKS could really make us some money. Consider this Zack's piece-

    JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd. ’s (NYSE: JKS - News) share price has entered into oversold territory with a stochastic value of 12.80. The Zacks Consensus Estimate on the company’s earnings for 2010 increased by $1.26 over the past month to $5.08 per share. JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd. is a Zacks #1 Rank (“Strong Buy) company.

    That $5 in earnings is an eye opener I've checked other sources that tend to agree. Eventually that's going to get rewarded what kind of PE are we talking?
    taken down do to lock up IPO concerns (selling)
    taken down by secondary (10% dilution- not bad)
    taken down by the sector in general

    That's all happened!

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    Looks like you were a little to impatient with NNBR, it's moving today. I've had it since September @ 8.43. Debating whether or not to buy more right now.
  5. Booked the $4,000 gain in JKS today sold at just over $26.00.

    PWER looks like it's ready to rumble, looking for a move to $15 in a few days.

    The only problem is I feel a correction is coming soon as well. So it's a race.~ stoney

    That comment on NNBR was put so beautifully I just wish some of my friends and family spoke the same way on the topic- THIS WAS MY BIGGEST BLUNDER OF 2010 SELLING NNBR. It was a rare sell mistake by me, something I usually do pretty well. Using boredom as a reasoning probably wasn't the best move.
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    I will very likely buy more NNBR after the next dip, provided it looks like it will come back to life. I love the way this thing is moving, I've got a real good feeling about it.