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    any members have experience with laser eye surgery? i'm about a -4, equal in both eyes, and getting tired of contacts.
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    I had LASIK done back in the mid 90's. I was a -13/ -11. Back then LASIK would not correct for astigmatism, it's my understanding that it does now.
    I think most peoples vision stabilizes in about two weeks. Mine was still fluctuating several months after the procedure. It did eventually stabilize at around 20/25 - 20/30. I can pass a DMV eye test without glasses. Overall it was a pleasant experience and I would do it again. I got glasses when I was in the 3rd grade and contacts in the 8th. No longer having to fool with that any more was like starting a new life.
  3. Yes I had it done about 6 years ago. It was one of the best things I have ever done and I would recommend it to anyone. Cost me $5000 since my health ins. at the time did not cover it, but it was well worth it not to have to wear contacts/glasses everyday.

    They gave me about 3 hours of eye tests to determine that I would benefit.
    Procedure itself took only about 20 minutes, no pain, and was exactly as they described it to me, took the subway home by myself, took a 4 hour nap as they prescribe, woke up and could see great without my contacts. It was UNREAL. Went to work the next day seeing great.

    Went back the next day, week, and month for follow-up check-ups, and had no problems, although I did experience some degrade in my sight from the first few days after the surgery, but they would not do a free "touch-up" as they determined I would not improve much.

    I'm not sure of my before/after eyesite numbers, but to this day I see great without any contacts/glasses.

    Good luck...
  4. Consider taking a vacation and having it done in Thailand. They do quality work and the cost savings will likely pay for the vacation. Everyone in Asia is having it done there before they return to the states.
  5. No one here prefers to play the "squint eye" game?!? Its such a fun game.
    Objects do not appear what they are and if you miss things or events that are taking place, just use your imagination to fill in the void.
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    thanks for the replies, all. eom.
  7. i set up an appointment several years ago to get it done. when i sat down, the doctor shoved a release infront of me stating that he wouldn't be responsible for any damages as a result of a botched job. i chickened out, got up, and got the hell outta there.

    then i saw a story on CBS News featuring several recipients of the surgery whose vision worsened, had permanent blurriness, burning, and pain. now it has an over 99% success rate, but i don't wanna be in that lucky 1%.

    i bought 4 boxes of 1-a-day throw-a-way lenses back in 2000 for $200. i wear a pair for 2 to 3 weeks at a time without taking them out, then throwing them away. i still have about a box left, and my eyesight the same as it was 4 years ago.
  8. Pfft, contact lenses, who here likes to play that game?

    Its more fun to play the Mr. Magoo game. With glasses you can see, without, we'll, "Oh Magoo"
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    I also have pretty bad vision and was seriously considering lasik but then I read some negative articles about it on how a small percentage of the patients have serious complications.

    And since its my eyes and any problems would be essentially non-correctable, I decided I just didn't want to risk it, despite the low chances of problems.

    I suggest you read up about it more and don't rely solely on anecdotal experiences.
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