Laser vs. Hammer

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by NJ1000, May 10, 2005.

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    What platform is better for the Nasdaq day trader who is scalping in and out of Nasdaq stocks all day.
  2. Used both....

    Genesis Laser for Nasdaq
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    Does laser have direct hot keys for Island, Arca, Brut and Btrd? How about swipe and smart swipe keys? Selectnet keys and Soes keys? I find that trading Nasdaq with a scalping method requires speed that cannot be replicated using a mouse since bidding and offering must be fast and on various ECN's. The one thing that can be said about anvil is that there are hundreds of hot keys available. Bidding and offering is a breeze. I am interested in the laser program because their commissions seem to be great, but if I can't run bids and offers and work quickly with the program then it's not much good. I'd like to hear some more replies to this thread. Can Laser be customized and are the hot keys available?
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    also with laser can you set up the system to have a scroll list of all ecns. Meaning if you want to throw up a bid can you just press a key then scroll through all the ecns and scroll the price and particluar ecn where you want to place the bid, like you can do on lightspeed.
  5. Guys Laser is by far the best platform available and it will do any of the above if customized correctly. I have been using it for some time now and could not be happier. Hot Keys , reserve size, smart buys, routing, you name it. I scalp ver actively and make at least 250 trades per day. Any further info you want inbox me. If you want or have the demo I can even send you a layout that is VERY good for scalpers and I think you will be very happy, instead of making all the adjustments yourself.

    This software has so many features even I get confused
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    how does the available short list compare at these two firms. Genesis vs. Assent
  7. Fact any firm offering nasdaq full suite "total view" is at a disadvantage as quotes are slower...ITS A FACT
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    what does that even mean what you just said