laser users help pls!

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  1. i am very new to equities, been in futs for a while...would like to know if anyone can help me set up laser to my prefferences...which, on a conceptual level, i can describe, i just dont know how to technically set it up...if anyone would be agreable to meet with me on msn, aim or irc for a short time i would greatly appreciate it....thanks in advance...
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  3. great, thank you, oh helpful collective entity we call elitetrader...where would i be without you...
  4. wtf are u serious????
  5. ask genesis for the link to the videos
  6. right, i have the link, yet the video is rather ambiguous regarding my specific qs, also i cant imagine that the assistance i seek would take anymore than 10-20 min to complete, thus since it would not be too terribly superfluous to satisfy i thought there might be a good sumeritan out there who is familiar with laser who could sacrafice a few min to assist me....but thankyou for the suggestion
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    Have you tried reading the manual ...

    Read it again ...

    And Again ...
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    again ...
  9. I am assuming you are a Genesis customer.

    Here is a suggestion.

    Call their customer support. Explain to them what you want Laser to do. They just might be able to tell you how to do it.

    You never know.
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    You and your second account asking for a good "sumeritan" are not going to get any response. Common sense reasons. Just telling you now.
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