Laser Stuck quotes

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by .00019orbust, May 24, 2008.

  1. Its just me. nobody i know has it.

    Someone else logs into my account on a different computer, and its all good, no stuck quotes.

    People i trade with over skype, they got laser, albeit through a different sub and no stuck quotes.

    wtf is the deal? i can't get any answers that actually solve the god damn problem.

    its gotten to the point where Its pointless for me to setup limits on my outs because uh, surprise surprise i'm loading a price 50 cents away (and usually in the wrong god damn direction ) of the market.

    anybody that knows something got any suggestions? I mean what is it? internet? computer? cursed by god?

    its a brand new windows xp vostro quad core nah nah nah, never used it for anything but trading, only few months old.

    btw, the platform is great, but these are issues that if I can't resolve, i'm just an idiot for not finding a solution, whatever that might be.
  2. Based on what you're describing, it sounds like it's a network issue on your end. If everyone else seems to be fine and you're experiencing problems it could be your network (DSL vs FiOs vs cable? wireless vs. wired?) or how Laser operates under a quad core.

    All geekspeak, but quad core's are not worth a damn if the applications are not written to use the multi-cores and handle multithreading properly. There could be some conflict where the threads clash and prevent "clean up" or refresh of old quotes. But this is purely a theory because I'm assuming with the newer hardware, Genesis would be having a bunch of users complaining like crazy.

    I don't use Laser but FWIW, try to contact your tech support and ask them to work with you and do ping tests between you and their servers or vice versa. That way, you can rule out network issues.