Laser Posting ISe

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  1. i can't post ISE short in MSFT with the hotkey mapped. Sometime a bid will post, but no shorts. Crossing the market works. Using the mouse also works, but who the hell uses a mouse to scalp?

    Does anybody know how to get it done?

    I've asked a friend, he can't do it either.

    Whats the deal? How do I fix this?

    (btw i'm a fan of the platform, response time on the fills is amazing. maybe only other complaint is their close out key...its worthless in a fast market. I had it send out 100 damn pending orders then cancelled cause it was trying to go down each penny to cross the market but was surprise surprise old hat cause the market was moving quickly. was just 1000 shares of visa. everyone else i know that just set their teir got their outs. I used direct hit/spray once, but then quickly decided that a 5 cent limit just isn't enough ( and I know what you're thinking, the hit adjust setting that says 0.5....any normal person would think that the number 0.5 represents a hit adjust of 50 cents...which it does in every other window except spray/smart hit adjust...that believe it or not represents 5 cents. like wtf was i gonna do shave 5.1 cents when i market out? i don't get it. This wouldn't be the first time theres a wierd discrepency, like for example u map keys to the layout without numlock on, laser will tell u you are mapping the same key with numlock on or surprise surprise if your orders aren't executing off the numberpad. (which i do, just have to make sure u map with numlock on and disregard what lasers says is being mapped) Anyways I tried the market close out to compensate for the 5 cent limitation to spray/smart, and yeah, great until you need to panick out of something. I guess i've just gotten use to setting my tier. Overall though software is great)
  2. if you call genesis they tell you to ask your group leader.

    chances are your group leader has no idea.

    anyone understand the problem above?
  3. Has anybody been able to make this work with the hotkey (you actually did it), and not the mouse?