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  1. I noticed there have been no ratings for Laser lately:
    I've had the opportunity to test drive it recently, and it is pretty decent.....very efficient as it can handle multiple level II boxes without spiking even an old CPU.
    I've also noticed that some prop firms have licensed it, but I wonder how many traders are actually using it. I'm trying to get a read on the size of the user base.
    Any comments greatly appreciated.
  2. FAST !!!!
  3. But what about reliability ? I was able to crash it consistently by simply going to File, Trade Settings, Keys Stroke. This was as-of release 5.3.318.
    Also, lack of stop loss, trailing stop orders is a bit of a bummer, no ?
  4. I have been testing Laser too lately and seem like this is the platform to trade with. I would be interested to hear additional feedback on the ability for stops and trailing stops also

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  5. Actually, I'm building this capability onto Laser via the Excel interface. Ultimately, my add-on will support: OCO (bracket orders), trailing stops, and time-contingent orders.
    The purpose of my post is to ascertain the relative popularity of the platform to see if there is any market for this sort of tool.
    I find it strange that the second critic of Laser in the Software ratings area mentioned Laser originally had local stops, but they were too "slow"....or something like that. Hard to believe it is slow with anything !
    I've found the Excel interface to be rock-solid and fast....however, you must have a powerful CPU to use it effectively.
  6. Please PM as I would like to talk to you about this.

    I think this would be a fantastic additon to the Laser platform. For VERY active high volume traders who need to be in a position, move on the next position very quickly and having these abilities would clearly make me want to explore Laser even more.

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  7. Actually, there's not much to talk's all about the coding and more importantly the testing. The feature-set is pretty much already determined just from looking at other competing platforms. One important feature will be to insure that contingent orders are cancelled if the original base position is closed. One prominent platform that I use does not do this right now, and I've been burnt a few times with orders getting executed that are still outstanding even after I closed the position with a separate order. It's wierd - no warning message, if you forget to manually cancel these orders....suddenly you are in a position...and usually a bad one ! IB's TWS finally put this feature into their platform very recently although the implementation was not the best.
  8. Joab



    If you build it they will come

    Perfect the project we are working on and trust me you will have a line up for it.

    I personally will promote the hell out of it because it's a very needed product by all traders :)