Laser Nasdaq-on-close key

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by fullblotter, Jun 21, 2010.

  1. Hello,

    I don't know how to put a LOC on nasdaq after 3:50. apparently the order must be IOC but I don't know how to do that. anyone have any success with this?

    also, is there a nasdaq Market on close key?

    any input is much appreciated. thanks.
  2. ryleg


    Make sure your route is "Island". Under the "type" pulldown, just choose "IOC". The order must be in the opposite direction of the side that has an imbalance.

    Many people just use LOCs before 3:50 instead.
  3. Thank you for your help. I'm having a bit of trouble implementing your advice though. Where in the laser platform can I find the "type" pulldown? Also, where do I indicate that my route is "island"?

    Thanks again.

  4. Take a look at screenies.

    One is Laser's (in mouse style level2)

    The other is from modded Laser's hotkey suite (for creating hotkeys).

  5. thank you for that esq. that is what I was looking for.

    unfortunately I'm a bit of an idiot and it's not IOC orders that I seek but IO or "imbalance only" orders. MOC and LOC on nasdaq are only accepted until 3:50PM and then IO orders are required. I figured out how to program an IO order but everytime I put it out I get an error message that says something along the lines of "advanced results only" or something like that.

    would you, or anyone else, have an idea on why that is happening?

    thanks again for the information. it's been very helpful.

  6. You either have reserve on, or have some incorrect routing set up.

    Since we use the modded version - we set up all orders in method map (including all different types) and that avoids this problem.