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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by shneed, Apr 4, 2008.

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    Does anyone who trades on Laser use a third party software for charting. Anything other then Esignal. I need something that will stay on top of Laser software and not dissapear when clicking on any window inside Laser.

  2. Don't have the two applications overlapping and they wont make each other disappear.
  3. shneed


    If I place a chart from another provider inside the Laser software, it disappears when I click on any Laser window.
  4. Like I said "Don't have the two applications overlapping and they wont make each other disappear."

    Hook up a 2nd monitor for your seperate charts application.
  5. I have an NVIDIA Video Card in my computer that also came with software that allows me to designate windows that I want to always stay on top. So if I try to move a window with another application over it, that application will actually go behind the window I designated to always be on top. You can also make windows transparent so that you can see both the data in that window and the data in the window behind it at the same time. there is also software like this
    I am not sure but this kind of software may already be built into Windows XP, I haven't checked to see if it is. There are other software providers for this, just Google "windows always on top".
  6. laser needs to work on there colors on the platform. for instance
    on the pending and trade boxes its a generic excel boring white which is confusing at times. you need to be able to tell wether you're long are short by colors. also the font size in the boxes is not adjustable. but the speed of the system is excellent