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  1. I'm moving to Las Vegas in a couple of weeks.The girlfriend who i've been with for 1 year wants to stay in NY,close to her family.For all you Las Vegas residents,should i dump her?How are the girls in Vegas?Is the city as fun as it seems,which will make me forget her in a heartbeat?
  2. lol..sounds like you can't live without her..
  3. if you're thinking like that already.. might as well get a new one

    ..sorry can't tell you about the ladies there, but I'm sure they're nice.

  4. I hope your current girlfriend logs on to ET and makes that choice for you!
  5. I try to explain trading to her and she just doesn't get it.She doesn't understand how stocks go down when bids are getting hit or go up when offers are getting taken.It's all too simple,but apparently not to her.
  6. You're joking right? You have to have more substance about you than this. It's clear that you are not ready for a long term relationship in any stretch of imagination.

    Because she wants to remain in NY and does not grasp your love/interest/desire for trading she is not a woman to be with? These are your litmus tests for a mate for life? I don't think I can say too much positive for you here. Good luck, take your wallet and enjoy your cruise of the strip. Tell this woman she is not what you desire to spend life with and that she truly needs to get over you, just as you plan to get over her. She'll be able to take it from there. :)
  7. that's good advice
  8. I was just replying to aphexcoil about her logging onto ET.She never would,because she doesn't really understand trading.It doesn't matter that she doesn't understand trading.What matters to me are large breasts and a nice ass.
  9. Tits and ass? No brain or mental prowess? No depth of loyalty and desire to be a valued partner. Just tits and ass. You my friend, just might be successful in Vegas.

    But you don't have to go that far, nor do you need to be committal. Just find a local hooker/call girl, get a discount rate and go for it. Or pick up the phone book and check out the local escort services. That would be much cheaper and less traumatic than relocation and also provide variety. No commitment would be desired or expected. That should keep you happy. And you probably could specify the NEED for "Large Breasts and Nice Ass!"

    This solution would also help the rest of us out in the opinions of women. You see you are about to create another woman who claims that she has found another shallow male who wants no real commitment (rent the movie Shallow Hal, should provide some good insights for you).

    In pursuing your intrests (tits and ass) honestly and openly your desires might be realistically met. Of course you might not get too far in the dating scene. But that's not your desire. I look forward to hearing about your happy mate who when asked why she is important to you, smiles with that deer-in-headlights look and says, "He just loves my tits and ass, that's all." Good luck. :)
  10. Well for one thing,my reason for relocation to Las Vegas is to escape the high cost of living in the NY area as well as the year round warm weather in a fun city.As far as the girls go,big tits and a nice ass are great,but it also helps if they are obedient.I need a maid who will service my every demand,free of charge.The less they talk,the better.The less emotional they are,the better.Who wants a girl who complains all the time and wants you to spend all your trading gains on them.
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