Las Vegas???

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  1. anybody here anything... rumors?
  2. regarding?
  3. Sell program started at 12. Lunch time to rinse out some longs.
  4. Don`t of my more astute connections just called me up and said "las vegas" 5 minutes into the dump
  5. What about Vegas???
  6. 13:31 ET Market Decline Follow-up : In a scramble for reasons to explain the market decline, some trading floors talking about a 4-alarm fire in Las Vegas that destroyed hundreds of apartment units. Only problem is that this fire was last night. No injuries were reported, but the cause is still a mystery. Moving on... at least one floor blaming market decline on another "trading error" in the mini futures. Also in the market is chatter that Morgan Stanley has been an aggressive seller of futures, which pushed the S&P through sell stops at 1022, and that market could bounce once the futures selling is done.
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    Fast Trader, what is the source of that please?