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  1. I've read a couple of threads but have not got a date, time etc for ET members meeting. Is anyone else still up for it? I think Friday evening would be a great time. Location is no big deal as I'm no Las Vegas expert. What about everyone else?
  2. Just a comment. We're having a meeting with the head people of 5 Firms on Friday right after the show (6PM). If we could plan either a 4PM or an 8PM meeting, I'll be glad to buy a round!!

  3. Is the meeting of the five firms anything like the meeting of
    the five families? I believe there was a meeting of the five families
    held at Frank Costello's farm in Upstate NY in 1957 with an
    uninvited guest.
  4. Nothing sinister going on here....I am bringing my bodyguard, just in case however....LOL

  5. Guys,

    I am getting in on tuesday the 18th and will be there til sunday. I am interested in meeting traders. Drop me an email at, or call my cell once I am there (504)231-3714.

    Lets get together.

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    In addition to the ET member gatherings now being scheduled for the evenings of the Traders Expo, how about also having a specific gathering spot at the Expo where ETers can meet up to compare notes, relax a bit, ogle the babes, plan escapades, lie about their aliases, discuss blackjack strategies, or whatever... :D

    Those of you who have already received your Traders Expo confirmation packet - take a look at the (Bally's) Exhibit Hall diagram on the back page. You'll see a group of black dots (usually signifying snack break tables) near Stage Presentation Area 2. Let's establish a meet-up spot at the table at the upper left corner of the bunch - on the perpendicular aisle closest to exhibit booths 529 (ADVFN) and 530 (ChangeWave Trading).

    Maybe Baron (with his connections) can talk the two principal Las Vegas Expo organizers (originators of the first two Traders Expos) into allowing an Elite Trader logo-placard to be placed on that particular table as a visual reminder. With now over 20,000 members and still growing, there's bound to be a large ET contingency (however incognito) in attendance! :)

    Whadaya say, traders?
  7. Actually not a bad idea.....Baron??
  8. Will be there Thursday through Saturday. I look forward to meeting with you all...should be a great time! :cool:

  9. should all the ET members meet at the Expo? How about sometime between 10:00 and 11:00 a.m. ?

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    Everyone should just meet at Crazy Horse II. Bring your charts and a protractor.
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