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  1. I plan on moving to Las Vegas in a couple of months and trading with a pro firm at home.Can anyone recommend if i should use cable or dsl and which company.How is the service out there for companies that offer cable or dsl?
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    Welcome to Vegas! Cox Cable has in most parts of town been very reliable. they have a 1.5down 256kup standard package for $40ish/month for 1 IP address. I have a commercial package from Cox that allows up 8 IP's for around $100/month. I have noticed with Cox that some areas of town are more reliable than others.....probably because there is so much construction in some parts of town. DSL is in some parts of town..but I have limited expirence with it.

  3. Thanks for your reply.Do you need to have cable tv to get a cable modem or can i just have a cable modem without cable tv?
  4. yes. I have cable modem (broadband) and no cable service.

    Kill your TV!!!
  5. I believe you have to at least have the basic local cable tv package with Cox, around $10 mo, with the modem internet connection. Total around $50- if I remember.

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    I'm not sure if you need to have cable TV or not. ...they used to charge $10 extra for it..but not sure what they do now..(I've had it for 5yrs now)

  7. Cox cable package around $79, modem included. DSL in the home is only $40 for residential in my area. I have both, just in case for backup, which is a good idea for remote trading.

  8. I know this is off topic,but for any of you guys living in Vegas now,how is the allergy season there? Is it really bad as someone in another thread mentioned,or is it the same as most of the country?
  9. It can be a bit rough, but not nearly as bad as Northern California when I lived there. It's dry here (obviously), and so it's not too bad.

  10. How hard is it to get a mortgage if your occupation is a home based daytrader?What kind of proof of income would the bank want?
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