Las Vegas Traders Expo

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  1. I went a few times in New York and Las Vegas. The expo itself had little value to me, but I liked the possibility to meet many traders there. Just make sure to bring your BS detector, because there will be plenty of it, BS I mean.
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  2. LT701


    carefull with where you give your name and address

    you'll be hounded with 'get rich quick' junk mail for eternity
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  3. Agreed, no more scanning this badge.

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  4. Make sure you ask for performance documentation from the...
    oh thats right ...they do not have any...

    Never mind...
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  5. Are the seminars helpful?
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  6. The "free" seminars are pretty much infomercials, with little value, except for the vendors/gurus. As I said earlier, bring your BS detector, and be prepared to hear it a lot !
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  7. Any other comments?
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  8. i went to las vegas last year. it was fun and interesting and i am glad i went to one but wouldn't do again. it is pretty much infected with forex get rich pitches but there were a few good trading seminars.
    last year one of the biggest exhibitions was franz making big money trading live. we all know what happened there.
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  9. Has anyone else gone to a Trader's Expo? I'm thinking of going. Is it useful?
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