Las Vegas Traders Expo

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  1. Is it worth going?

    I would appreciate any comment on this. I'm thinking of going to the seminars.
  2. I'm looking at it as a tax write-off with a vegas trip mixed in the middle. Never been to one.
  3. I am going to Vegas for the EXPO for the first time, and I am looking forward to it. Been trading full time since 2001 and yet to make it to an EXPO.
    I am going moreso to meet and hangout with a few traders I have come to know thru ET and I think that will be worth it moreso than the seminars. I came to know Lescor (Corey) while trading at ECHO in the Phoenix office in 2002, and looking forward to hanging out with him and checking out the company he trades with over the weekend. His company is having a cocktail party Friday night and I am looking forward to seeing what they have to offer. Obviously Corey is pleased as a trader, should be informative.
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    Could someone PM me the details of the event would apprec
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    I'll be there to schmooz and meet up with lots of guys I've gotten to know on-line. Looking forward to meeting lots of ET personalities in the flesh.

    Yes, Tuco Trading is hosting a cocktail party Friday night, but I don't know any details yet, will post when I do.
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  8. I went to the NY Expo last year and it was not bad. Just be wary of all the salesmen there. And there will be many!
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    Is Tuco Trading formerly known as Evolution Trading? If yes, is Mike Kestler still the person running this new firm?
  10. patrick---- lescor no mas echo?
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