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Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by AC3, Sep 6, 2007.

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    I am looking for a conference that will showcase Trading Software in Las Vegas or on the West Coast is anyone who has been to one of these know when the next will be held and can they direct me to a website. Appreciate
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    If you've been can you tell me is there a good representation of software vendors in particular I'm looking for the likes of Tradedecision, SmartQuant etc
  4. Yes, most will be there...SmartQuant may not be there.
  5. These expos suck. I went to the Vegas one last year, I live here. It's basically a bunch of vendors selling hugely overpriced garbage that amounts to re-engineered squiggly lines. Even the so-called classes were just vendors promoting how to use their product. But if you're desperately searching for one of these, that's the place to go.
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    I have been to several of them and will go again this year. Yes, there will be vendors hawking wares. But the event is free. However what I find most appealing is that I have been able to hook up with the real deal traders, made friends and learned how to properly trade from these folks. Of course you have to be a little careful because many of the people there are wannabe's and professional educators rather than traders.
  7. FYI : if you want to see QuantDeveloper (former SmartQuant product acquired by QuantHouse) and other products, you are welcome to visit QuantHouse people at different shows around the globe. The nearest event is Futures and Options Expo, November 27-29 in Chicago. You can check other events on QuantHouse web site, .
  8. Yes..thanks.