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  2. Well .. if Don actually does pay the dinner bill then maybe .....
  3. ET'ers and Guests who have yet to register for the Las Vegas Traders Expo should click on
    the TradersEXPO banner at the the top of selected Hook Up forum pages.

    or click here: Dec 13-16, 2005 Vegas Traders Expo FREE Registration

    to enable more InterShow sign-up credits to Baron so that the much-anticipated Traders Expo Reception will continue to be the largest and most fun trader/investor gathering.

    Drinks and good times always served...
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    Does anybody know a way to get room discounts at the Paris hotel for the expo? TIA
  5. Good luck on that one.

    Hey, how about several of you guys buying good ole Don dinner?

    ... then even up with him later over a few hands of poker...?

  6. thanks for the link ---- just signed up to help out Baron!

    looking forward to the event --- right during expiration week --- that will be a fun juggling act, trading part of the day from a laptop and then attending the show. :D might need a few drinks at night after all that fun.
  7. I just click on it and Baron gets the credit? Or do I have to do something else?

    I LOVED the cafes in Paris. I was having 6 to 10 desserts a day. :) Think I may go this year.

    Glad they got rid of that shitty dump Ballys to have the Expo.

    Funny way the people in Nevada find mates though. Leaving their pictures and phone numbers on cards everywhere? :D

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    Why is the expo Dec 13-16?? Thats tuesday through friday. Some of us actually trade, so I guess I can't make it this year. Sounds like the expo guys didn't want to pay extra for the convention space during a weekend.

    At least last year they had it wednesday-saturday so those of us flying in on friday could still participate.
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    yeah if were trading what is the poiint in going?? also what time does it start at?? i believe the market opens at 6:30 AM :confused:
  10. actually that is great --- then you can be done by 1 and hit the golf course or whatever you are into. :D

    Mastercard commercial -------

    All night at Crazy Horse II with a limo ride to the office at 6:00 am

    trading until 1:00 pm, then a limo ride back to Crazy Horse II

    ---- Priceless! :D
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