Las Vegas Sands

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  1. I remember day trading this when it was just below $2. I didn't think they would go bankrupt. Made a nice $15k. I quit when it got to $4 and thought it was overbought.

    Had I just kept my money in it until now, I would have made a nice $3 million dollars.

    Damn :)
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    yep I remember no one wanted it at $2 bucks but they love it at $50+

    I remember buying TEN around $1 and change, made some money and got out, was happy with my quick profits and look back and think if I had only held those shares until today. Trading around $33-34, up over 100% in 2010 alone. Talk about stocks no one wanted to touch in the single digits but are buying them today like they can only go higher.
  3. I love how I got stopped out of 10k shares short of this thing today just before that brief 80 cent selloff after the fed announcement.

    When it popped down to .50s right before the announcement came out, I should've just booked the entire thing and hit the offer before it came back up to .85s.

    Didn't lose much, but would've loved to cover my target at 07s....I was short from .77s btw.

  4. How about some NYNY now.
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    Going to see if I can post a chart (my first try at it)

    Be careful with this one for the time being

  6. I shorted it today at 50.03 for a one night stand. Hoping to get 50 cents (hopefully in pre-market).
  7. Did you get it after hours? It didn't hit 50.03 today in regular trading hours.
  8. Yes after hours and actually made money with it as I shorted more in premarket. I covered about an hour after the open.

    Shorted again late in the day (little early though) at about 51.70. I would have been better off waiting until after the close as its trading higher in after hours. Looking to get a dollar for a target but I guess we will see how it goes.

    I like the company so its not an easy short but I believe the odds favor a pullback from here before going higher if it does go higher.
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    LMAO I was just thinking the same thing. Except how I would be a billionaire.

    Starting with predicting the energy rally/bubble from Jan 08 to Jul 08 (I owned CHK during this time). Maybe I could have increased my money to 3x (using options and other plays, obviously more if I wanted).

    Then predicting the short term financial rally July 15th to July 22nd (I owned BAC calls at this time since I was pissed at losing money on it prior). Here I could have easily tripled to 9x my initial amount.

    Then of course LEH would be bankrupt by Monday 9/15/2008 (I am psychic you know). Thus I would have bought puts to at least quintuple my money to lets round to 50x my initial capital.

    Now let's buy puts on the S&P 500 to at least double my money to 100x by mid October 2008.

    Let's buy calls on LVS and LVS late October (27th & 28th) and sell November 3rd for at least another quintuple to get to 500x.

    I don't want to be TOO GREEDY so Ill stay in cash until March 6-12 and then buy stock only at around 1.75 per share. I'll sell it at $35.00 per share just because. Now I have 10,000x my initial capital. Starting with 100k I now am a billionaire since it was in a Roth IRA!!!
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    All due respect Sir

    I was there today – simply put; trading this way would have turned me into me a withering nervous wreck

    Probably would have drove me to take up smonkin…, drinkin…. heck maybe even cussin too

    But like the saying goes – there are many- many ways to skin this ole cat….

    btw I found it ironic how it had to wait till after hours to bust $50.00 – almost like it was planned that way to circumvent something… I wonder…

    We’ll just have to stand by... to stand by... and see if we get that pullback tomorrow…

    Success to You Sir


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