Las Vegas Sands (LVS)

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    I just took a 9000 share position in the company at $2.39 average, thinking of buying and holding for a year, while writing 5 strike covered calls every month until it runs up to 4 bucks. Their Pennsylvania and long anticipated first casino in Singapore is going to be finished by the end of this year and should boost up the balance sheet. I am in for the long-term, and as long as the company don't go bk, this will be at least a $10 stock in two years.

    I personally think they they are in a better financial position than over leveraged MGM and I doubt Wynn is the only large establishment that can weather this storm.

    What's your opinion?

    here is a link to the new casino in Singapore

    Another link reporting on how the government of Singapore vow to assist LVS in any way to finish the project and attract more tourists.
  2. Once inflation kicks in, casinos are the first places to get the results. People have been stressed out for the past couple years and have a pent up desire to blow off some steam. I think by next year your LVS position will be above 10.
  3. That article about help from the government is over 4 months old. The world is changing every week. I wouldn't give any credence to anything from back in November.

    That being said, I agree that LVS is a good lottery ticket around 2 bucks.
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    thanks for the response guys. Please keep the discussion going. Thanks again
  5. this is a stupid reason to be long a casino (lvs).

    and the other stupid reason is that they will open in singapore. That's probably the last thing LVS should be doing.

  6. I am contemplating building a position in LVS. Fencerd are there any particular sources you have been using for LVS research?
  7. if u really want a sure shot, check out FFHL.

  8. LVS has too much debt and might be forced into chapter 11 by the end of the year. Just look at MGM they are having major issues trying to re-finance. Hope you don't need the money....
  9. somebody thinks they go lower. they are paying .60 for the april 2.5 puts.
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    People buy puts for reasons other than speculating that a stock's price will go down. For example, I used some of the proceeds from selling covered calls and buy at the money leap puts to protect my position just in case.
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