Las Vegas Pair Trading Weekend Workshop

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    You have some good points. Everyone has their own style. I was wrong in attacking something I do not know very well.

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  2. I somewhat disagree. I mean...i disagree with your conclusion, because you may expect somebody to teach you a winning system involvine pairs.

    I agree that pair trading, as people generally think about it (stat arb..etc) is too well known and the obvious relationships no longer really make money, perhaps.

    The idea of these guys charging this amount of money to introduce such, and I do agree, oversaturated topics is ridiculous to me, having been a risk arb and pairs trader for 80% of my trading career. But to the absolute newbie, perhaps it makes sense.

    So don't knock this completely. Depending on who you are this could be useful, but remember anyone can hang a sign on his door and charge money for either education or to sell you a dream.

    If you look at all trading as pairing (for example, when you buy a stock you are long the stock and now short the cash) then this goes a long way to de-mystifiy the whole thing.

    If you learn to look at every instrument as a differential between something you are long and something you are short (you need to open your mind to stretch this one) then you are better off than 90% of the guys who trade say they are "pairs traders."

    If you want any more info, PM me. I am happy to elaborate up to the point where I keep what is unique to my system to myself.
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  3. I hope this isn't construed by the management as solicitation, as my other offers of help were by the mediators of this board. If you want to discuss the topic, I am open to it. Last time I offered something like this I was shut down hard by the mediators of the board, I think they got scared that I was recruiting without paying them a fee. THIS IS NOT THE CASE.

    Thanks, mediators, in advance for continuing to keep this board educational, informative, and helpful.
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  4. The seminar has come and gone ... any comments from attendees ?
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