Las Vegas Leaves Its Mark On The Options Market

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    Viva Las Vegas!

    The options industry recently concluded its 26th annual conference. While that is not noteworthy in and of itself, the site chosen for this year's gathering certainly is - Sin City.

    On the surface, the choice of Las Vegas is hardly surprising. Hundreds of trade groups gather under the neon lights every year to network, catch-up with old colleagues and, of course, ply their luck at the tables.

    But the options industry is unique in that respect. While the rest of the conference world swarms to Vegas every year, options traders were content to gather at remote golf resorts far from the glitz of The Strip.

    The reason for this Vegas aversion went unspoken but it was clear to all who attended -

    Options Have An Image Problem.

    Long perceived as dangerous financial instruments, many in the financial world view options as little more than organized gambling. By holding its annual gathering in the gambling capital of the world, the options market would only be reinforcing that age-old stereotype...

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