Las Vegas FX Trading Expo

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    I see that the FXTE is going to have some very prominent speakers and honorable attendees.

    Here's a list of them (also seen on the above link):

    <img src=>
    Jes Black
    Once tried to dye his hair and eyes to the same color as his last name.

    <img src=>
    John Bollinger
    Does his best to look like T. Boone Pickens.

    <img src=>
    Rob Booker
    Once played football by himself for 84-hours straight. Afterward got the idea for his book, The Currency Trader's Handbook.

    <img src=>
    Tim Bourquin
    Told his barber to cut his hair to align with his face. This is what he looked like when he walked out.

    <img src=>
    Albert Brinkman
    Is able to drink an entire bottle of Scotch in 45-seconds before... he drinks another bottle of Scotch in 45-seconds.

    <img src=>
    Paul Brittain
    Once spent an entire week at his desk resting his head on is right hand.

    <img src=>
    John Carter, President of Trade the Markets, Inc.
    Proud of the fact that he eats 14-lbs of carrots a week.

    <img src=>
    Daniel Collins
    Is able to erase an entire notebook full of writing using nothing more than an eraser attached to his nose.

    <img src=>
    Todd Crosland
    Only man who made 12 business deals in 4-hours.

    <img src=>
    Robert Deel
    Is able to fire people, with nothing more than a look. It's how he got his nickname, "The Real Deel."

    More to come....

  2. Roster continued...

    <img src=>
    Sharon Pendleton, Associate Director of Compliance National Futures Association

    Does not like the subtle allusions made about her having "40-lbs of extra blubber" on her hips.

    In retaliation, goes to the market and opens 100-contract trades in her fury against "the white boys."

    For that, she's called "an emotional trader."

    Her motto is, "Oh, I'll be there. I'll definitely BE there!"

    <img src=>
    Jeff Phillips, VP of GFT
    Only man to earn 14 online MBA degrees in a single year.

    Originated the quote: "Our demo account is the same as our real account, until you trade them live in the forex."

    <img src=>
    Edward Ponsi, President of FXEducator LLC
    Vehmently denies all allegations of being part of any Ponsi Scheme.

    Once stood with his left eyebrow raised for 12-hours.

    <img src=>
    Stephanie Jaeger, President of Mind Over Money
    Once went to the bathroom 3-times in a row. A fact she proudly displays on her name badge at whatever event she attends.

    <img src=>
    Cornelius Luca
    Only forex analyst correspondent to get quoted more than 58 times a day in the news and STILL have 98% of his statements prove false a day later.

    <img src=>
    Michael Mansfield, Managing Partner Mansfield Visoiu Capital Management
    Manager most quoted as saying, "They actually BELIEVED my last statement??"
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