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Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by Andros, Jul 29, 2016.

  1. Andros


    Greetings My Fellow Day Traders

    I'm a new-bee I've never trader before, currently I'm using Nadex Binary Trading, who wants to to Met up in las vegas area?
  2. motif


    See how enthusiastic people are here? Lol
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  3. TradeCat


    Bro! No Wall St analyst or investor is hanging out with anonymous losers on a forum. They're meeting real people in the real world making real money.
    But if you want to meet "day traders" from this forum in Vegas, get ready to buy drinks for minimum wage gamblers and retired old farts.
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  4. Andros


    Indeed, But anyone who lives in las vegas area and open to learn I'm able to meet at UNLV
  5. Handle123


    So you a newbie and going to teach other newbies?
  6. Andros


    Revised: Who lives in Las Vegas and wants to learn together day trading?
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  7. TradeCat


    Oh! Like a circle jerk! Totally down.
  8. Andros


    TradeCat, your so funny
    I mean I'm just 21, finishing college so really I thought joining here there will be people that have the desire to be successful rather than negative. Hope everyone is enjoying their weeks cheers from Las Vegas Nevada
  9. Oskar


    Do not worry my friend, we could teach one to each other...

    EEEEE - MIG - DetailedStatement - 28 de Mayo de 2011.gif
  10. mpdxc


    Aren't there bars where professional gamblers hang out there? Maybe some of them are daytraders. Otherwise there's always the moneyshow Las Vegas tradersexpo.
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