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    Larry Williams mentions the Frankie Joe's suicide in not only Day Trade Futures Online but also Long Term Secrets to Short Term Trading. However, nowhere did he say Frankie Joe commited suicide in 1983 - nowhere. What he said was that from 1960 to 1983 that Frankie Joe was a truly great trader. He then goes on to say that Frankie Joe's style of selling rallies and buying the dips was his undoing because the market kept rallying. Since he died in the early part of 1987, you can only infer he was hurt by the bull of 85, 86, and especially the early part of 87 where the market never looked back. I spoke with one of Mr. Joe's trading partner and basically he said just let Mr. Joe rest in peace. Larry probably regrets bringing up the cause of Mr. Joe's death but I would bet he's sticking to his contention. Give him a call, he is very accessible.

    As for the Harriman quote, yes, it does seem Larry made a mistake date-wise.
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  3. Yes, Frankie Joe had some big losses in the last years. He said that the bear market before had spoiled him. There was a big interview with him in Barron's before he died. Maybe someone could find this and make a link? In the interview he said that he felt like an old man because of the stress with trading. He traded also futures and bonds.
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  4. What's the title of your book?
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    Trade Like a Hedge Fund
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  6. Thanks.
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  8. I intend to create several hedge funds. But I won't manage it myself I will recruit hedge fund managers that I will form. Above all I will focus on drawdown.

    I won't create them now because I need to observe this industry more and second because as I said I expect a coming hecatomb of hedge funds: I will wait that the hecatomb pass.
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    Who is this Frankie Joe? I have heard the name many times but a google search shows up nothing....


    Who can tell me more...?
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  10. He was a great trader in his time. All oldtimers know him. Ask them. I have taken my motto from Frankie Joe: "Keep it simple, stupid".
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