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    Is Larry Williams a billionaire? They said he made near 100x in a contest, if so he should have several billion dollars. And could be listed in Forbes richest people. Why does he still need to write books?
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    To became trillionaire :D
  3. all kidding aside, I did receive a mailing for one of his seminars, and did some research

    found over and over again about how he won some contest and so did his daughter (and that his daughter is pretty and on some tv show)

    well, bruce jenner won the olympic decathelon, but what has he done lately besides talk about it?

    what I did not see (or maybe I missed) was that he has performed *recently* *consistently*

    if I cant walk away with something that can perform consistently, it is unlikely to be any value to me.
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  5. Would you not love to be a victim of such an accident?:D :)
  6. No, he did it during a trading contest. The whole purpose of these contests for many people is to take major risk to get huge returns for advertising, etc. He was already famous before this though. BTW, this was accomplished by taking huge bond positions for the size of the account.

    Much of his trading now centers on bond, gold and equity relationships. He still has a very high win ratio, but I could never trade his methods as they require very large stops.

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    Do you mean if someone took his method could be easily wiped out? Unless one has large amount of capital.
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    If I recall the story correctly, he ended the year nearly -50% off of his high equity.... anyone else hear that? :D
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