Larry Williams?

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  1. Got a thing in the mail for a Larry Williams seminar.

    Any comments about Larry Williams?
  2. What else can I say, but better start with some of his books or tapes. They are cheaper. Do some search on for his books.
  3. I got a thing for his Daughter. She is the blond on that show about the kids that go to college in Boston or something.

    Dawsons Creek. I don't know here name on the show but if you go to the seminar and she is there, hook me up will ya.


    I belive she turned 10K into 110K the year she won the World Cup Trading Record. 1997 I think, the year before that tv show started.


  4. Here she is. Michelle Williams 1997 World Trading Champion.

    I tried to attach the picture from Maxim magazine but it was too large. :mad:

    Seriously if you go and she is there hanging with Larry, let me know, I would love to have her on my trading desk.

  5. Is it her? If so, she is really cute...
  6. hi,

    yeah, larry's daughter is adorable. BUT may i suggest "winner take all" by william gallacher. this book exposes the supposed truth about larry. read it and make your own conclusion.

    all the best,

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    [​IMG] Larry Williams Seminars

    As the Last Post says read, Winner Take All by Gallacher. In the book Gallacher exposes Williams as having a terrible trading record when he was trading a fund. Gallacher believes he is more in the Show/Seminar biz than a real trader.

    Sure he got lucky in the World Trading Championship during the Hyper Inflation Years of the 70's but since then I think that he hasn't done so well. I have three of his earlier books and I found them of little value. He is not a great book writer.

    I didn't know that Michelle was and I am not sure if I believe that she is Larry's daughter. She is a good actress in my opinion.

    Best of Luck

    PS In the past, Larry has associated himself and endorsed Jake Bernstein who I think really sucks. This in itself was enough to make me question Larry's integrity and motives.
  8. She was in the movie: "If These Walls Could Talk II" on HBO.

    She played a lesbian, who had a romance with Chloe Sevigny. Hot nude scene of the two doing the dew.

    Michelle has a nice rack:
  9. And why does he suck?
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    Regardless of his crudential, I did learn a lot from his book when I was just learning about trading. So in that sense I respect him for informative stuff.
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