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    Now on the run
    By Angela Kamper, Court Reporter

    August 10, 2006 12:00

    FIRST the restaurants, then the harbourside gardens - now a fun run for alleged fugitive share trader Larry Williams.

    The father of Hollywood actress Michelle Williams has been making the most of his forced holiday while on bail in Sydney – and yesterday a magistrate gave him the chance to experience more local culture.
    The accidental Australian and grandfather to Brokeback Mountain star Heath Ledger's daughter Matilda had his bail conditions changed once again yesterday so he could participate in this weekend's City to Surf.

    Larry Williams has been here since May 21, when he was arrested at Sydney airport for allegedly evading $US1.5 million in income tax.

    The finance guru and keen runner initially arrived in Australia to conduct a series of stockmarket seminars, but was arrested instead.

    His bail conditions originally confined him to the Sydney CBD but he was later allowed to visit restaurants of his choice, including Guillaume at Bennelong in the Opera House.

    He was also given the OK to train in the Royal Botanic Gardens and the Domain.

    Magistrate Allan Moore yesterday permitted Williams "to exceed geographical limitation by competing in the City to Surf", the court heard.

    The fit-looking 64-year-old left Central Local Court happy with the decision.

    Supported by his fiancee, commodity trading advisor Louise Stapleton, he told The Daily Telegraph: "I'm really excited about running with a lot of Australians – it's my first time in this particular marathon."

    Williams will appear before Central Local Court again on August 23 to face a warrant extradition order, which could mean he has to return to the US
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    Go Larry, go!! :)

    It is not like he is going to swim away or something....
  3. It isn't Larry, it is a lookalike..

    As mentioned in a previous post, Larry was excuted by an aborigine firing squad a couple of weeks ago. The abos were so inept at this that they spent the better part of an hour trying to hit Mr. Williams. After a while they gave him a magazine to occupy him while they reloaded. One of the aborigines accidently dropped his loaded weapon and it discharged hitting Williams in the temple, killing him instantly..Apparently he died browsing a copy of Juggs magazine.....

    The rest is just a cover-up by the Aussies....

  4. Hilarious...You killed me. :D
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    Abos is a racist term in Australian culture.
  6. Who cares.
  7. Let's all take a moment, to feel shame about it
  8. I am not "in" the culture that you refer to....instead I am here in the US of A.

    Couple of things, first....My father taught me not to insult people without good cause...So I would want to apologize IF anyone here is an aborigine....Any aborigine members here on ET, please accept my sincere apology..

    Second..I have no racist feeling toward any Australian persons, I reserve those "feelings" for Arabs of the Al-Queda persuasion, and Mexicans who happen to be here illegally or are criminals. For those folks whom I characterize as "towelheads, "camel jockeys", and "Low riders" or "Chulos" frankly I hope they all contract a terminal disease and die soon....

    Other than that, I accept all races with open arms....:D
  9. "Cholos" Chicano slang for gang member, the word did not originate with anglo saxons.

    "Chulo" Spanish slang for something or someone good looking. Usage P.R.; Boricua says, "Ay Que Papi Chulo"

    The Ever Linguistic VIPER

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  10. And a very "cunning" linguist at that.
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