Larry Williams STOCK course ?

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  1. Anyone take his stock course based on his book " The right stock at the right time"

    I think he'll be buying his "darlings" soon if he hasn't already but curious if his course is of value
  2. Check Larry's web site:

    If you like Larry Williams, you'll also enjoy Jake Bernstein's books, webinars and newsletters. They share many ideas on trading and both of them have been in the commodities biz for over 30 years.
  3. Jake has also had recent run-ins with the CFTC and/or NFA about his practices
  4. I'm really looking for feedback from somebody who actually took his Stock course based on his Darlings of the dow and his book....
  5. Xuanxue


    Larry is one who's after the holy grail of marketing strategies, not trading systems. One bright idea right after another, having gone from commodity courses desktop published advertising from the back of magazines, to stock trading e-books, to top-pick newsletters and now contract publishing.

    He's bright, talented, unabashed adapting or outright plagerizing others' original work and occasionally he comes up with something useful on his own. Sadly, the darlings aren't one of those rare occasions.

    I'd beware of risking your money on his ideas; any statistics and percentages he throws at you I'd consider suspect. For as many systems as he's mass-marketed there's no way in hell he's forward tested a fraction of them live with funds. This isn't to say he's not a trader or an investor like most peddling wares - it's just he gives just enough to keep you coming back.

    One course leads to three, three books leads to a dozen. In the end, like a Zen acolyte, you'll find yourself where you began: at the first step!

    Having said all that, he once came up with a leading indicator on how to combine an A/D line, a percentage of how bulls faired over bears on a daily basis and volume to know in what direction specialists; market makers and seasoned, block investors are trading that defines his career - but won't be remembered on account of his prior tom-foolery.

    But as far as his stock picks based on relative, fundamental forecasts, in this market? I wouldn't.
  6. "multi-media guru"