Larry Williams Short Term Trading Seminar

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  1. I noticed that Larry Williams is promoting a new Short Term Trading Seminar. I have read several of his books, but was wondering if anyone has taken a live seminar from him. If so, I would appreciate your opinion as to whether the live presentations truly revealed complete, profitable trading strategies. Thanks.
  2. jmmcox


    I watched one of his older seminar videos, the Money Tree series. To say it was a complete waste of time is an understatement.
  3. his website is, including a track record. But I never grilled his methods for reality. Anyone who avoids audited results I consider as likely as in the 99% category of vendors who do not offer and edge, expecially after subtracting all costs.
  4. Is there anyone out there who has an opinion based upon actually attending one of Larry William's live seminars and trading his methods? Thanks.
  5. jem


    I attended one of his seminars for free. Back when he was selling the money tree stuff.

    He as selling data mined garbage at the time. ( i did not know to call it data mining back then - but it did seem fishy.)

    "Buy on thursday if the bonds are down mon tues and weds and the S&Ps close in the upper 20% - crap like that."

    He then had a new seminar where he said the old stuff was working and he had new stuff.

    but, he did have a wealth of trading knowledge - he understood had you could update what the turrles were doing etc.. (cause he sold seminars with a turtle flop.)

    He also quickly changed form technical trader to context trader. Which is what you become when you lose your technical trading edge...

    I now know. My edge is my very marginal technical setup - put into context.

    So give LW credit for being a context trader.

    A business partner of mine did pay good money to go to a LW live trading seminar.

    LW made money so he returned some of the seminar fee-- but to my recollection he carried some of the trades out past the end of the seminar. It could have all been part of well staged rouse.

    Give yourself two days to find the best prices across some trades - pick profitable prices - call yourself a winner - return 25% of 1000% inflated seminar fee. (not really take much risk trading.)

    Make big seminar fees - have a pretty cool seminar.

    LW is one of hell of a marketeer.
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    His tax seminars are the best.
  7. I agree . . . save your effort on the trading part.
  8. jem


    I left a word above - at the new seminar - he said the old stuff - was not working.

    no doubt his tax seminar would be consequential.