"larry williams" robbins trade log

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    anyone has larry's trade log/diary in his 1987's record robbins trading contest winning?

    i am interested in the real time thought, entry/exit, money management, instead of his self promoting books.

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    Larry's books may be self-promoting (I don't agree), but there is a WEALTH of info in them. I've made a lot of dough from ideas that came from him or were inspired by him.

    I've never subscribed to anything or taken a course, just read a few books. The best by far is Long-Term Secrets to Short-Term Trading.
  3. wasnt he transferring his losses in a hidden opm managed acct and was discovered? that way sounds pretty easy to achieve stunning performance.

  4. One of the myths that surround his accomplishment. There were no alternate accounts, or anything else.

    The men in black, came in, took his records, poured over them for years and found nothing out of order.
  5. I knew a kid on the CBOT floor who later worked upstairs for Robbins during William's streak. He swears it was on the up and up.

    I traded in the Bond pit during that period. Not to sound cocky but the run I had in 86-87 wasn't much behind Larry's. The point I'm making is the markets were VERY tradable with not only big trends but unlike today much intraday volatility also. William's is a creative trader who took advantage of a great market.
  6. yeah, u got a point; if he was cheating he would have been found out and shit would have hit the fan but didnt.
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    first, thanks for the info. i looked for it for 1 day, and could not find it.

    i don't understand the logs.

    1 he always bought or short the same amount in 1 day. does this mean he only day trades? - no overnight?
    2 he only trade a few times a day. does this mean he only pick the big wave rather than scalp or in and out every day?
    3 the log only says the profit, not the entry price - entry time. not the directions, so i don't even know if he short then close or long then close.
    4 does Debit mean Loss, Credit mean Profit in the log?

    Is there any book or diary for those trades? Reason for long or short or close?

    I read Japaness Fairy's trade diary. It is super to know what in real time a best trader thinks. The book's name is called 1000% Man, not sure if you can buy one in English.
  8. amazing...the guy never had a single bad trade in an entire yr..no wonder some people got suspicious.
  9. Those statements are monthly's with DAILY p/l's. NOT trade by trade.
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